Baby Prison: The Escape of Simple Luxuries

A cup of coffee.

The most simple luxury that seems to be increasingly harder to drink while hot in my house. Dela, is now full on crawling around and heading for every wire, dog toy, vessel of liquid and remote possible.

I’m having to put her in baby prison (her cot) when I need to pee to stop her following me. As you can see, she’s not overly impressed with baby prison. I think it might be time we get baby gates on the stairs. Top and bottom!

I managed around 40 mins of interrupted working out this morning while Dela rolled around and stole my glasses. She thought bridge pumps were funny and bicycle crunches, well I clearly needed assistance. But I did do a boxing workout to squeeze an extra 10 mins in during the afternoon.

After a few days of failing at healthy eating today was back on track. I stuck with shakes for breakfast and lunch and made fish taccos for dinner tonight. Very good, very quick and super tasty too. I’ve drunk so much water today I’m craving more. Can’t be a bad thing.

And the one coffee I have had, I haven’t enjoyed and now I want more water while my coffee sits half sipped in my favourite mug. Might have to start drinking water from my favourite mug so I don’t miss out.

I may reconsider my drink of choice during the day. Stick to water and cool beverages. The refreshing blast of ice cold water should be good for running round after my little doll all day. I will keep the simple luxury of a hot coffee and tea for an evening spoil. That way the pleasure can not escape me.

Happy Friday Lovers.

Xoxo, L

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