A Final Yawn

When a final yawn wins and she finally falls asleep.

We weren’t at home for bedtime; and it completely messed up our baby bedtime of 7pm. It’s now 8.30 and she’s finally dropped in her cot with her face in the pillow. When I say face in the pillow, I mean she’s lumped at the bottom of her bed. It has been a day of nap fighting, falling asleep on mummy and having her finally falling asleep for the night is a peaceful thought.

We barbequed at my brothers today. The afternoon spent soaking up some sun and good company. My neice running circles round each of us, taking time on french braids, skipping and games of tag. We love the sunshine. Here’s hoping we have a long happy summer.

We stuck super healthy with the food so that a huge bonus, and the rest of the day I’ve done shakes. Got 40 mins of workout in this morning, so I am winning today.

Happy happy Saturday.

Xoxo, L.

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