Raging In The Rain

Ever been so angry you shake? That was me today after one simple email.

Emails are going back and forth in hope to solve my on going issue. And one simple message had me raging like you wouldn’t believe. I got mad. Professionally mad, but mad all the same and my returning email caught some attention. I think I might finally be being taken seriously.

I so wish I could just spill out this story as it is such a huge weight on me right now. Its causing so much upset in my life. As it currently stands, it wouldn’t professional.

On the up side of this literal and metaphorical rainy day; we had a lovely morning out with Delilah’s Nana. We were meant to go to the library for story time for the girls, but a minor incident meant walking half way there and back again. So we decided on a trip to the park and on to the local cafe for a coffee instead.

Delilah had a right grump on when she was on a swing. But a walk round, a swift turn on the roundabout and a few gos on the slide she was back to her happy self. Just look at that grumpy little face. Bless her little heart. My smiley baby does have a grump ocassionally; and she soooo lets us know about it when she’s that way out.

Sweet girl soon changed her mind after a nap, some dinner and a splash in the bath.

I’m hoping the rain passes quickly overnight then we can get out and enjoy tomorrow. Long walks are on the cards and I don’t think my current boots are up to water intake. My socks certainly aren’t.

Keep you heads high, and your horns pointy to keep the halo up.

Xoxo, L.

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