A Run In

Spoke with a councillor this morning who informed me he didn’t do social media. And that our village news group is ill informed and the actions of the degenerates can’t possibly be true because they arent all verified by the police!


That’s me not voting for their party this year.

Stop slating others and community run groups, and start talking in straight lines. Maybe answer a few questions directly; and maybe, just maybe appeal to your demographic instead of poo pooing it. Social media is what the majority use, and if your not going to make any effort to be part of the community why the hell would we vote so you can run it?!

Sorry for the mini rant, I have compose an actual article with the details in, but I caught the attention of the local paper while venting on Twitter. So this work is theirs. For now at least. Because if they don’t publish, name and shame the party and individual who I had a run in with, I will!

Want my vote – work for it.

Xoxo, L.

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