It’s Happened…

It’s. Happened. Yes, life as we know it is officially over.

Here I am the hater of reality tv shows; watching Britain’s Got Talent. Oh god, I’m finally in the majority. I might as well give up and start watching TOWIE and Housewives of Papa New Guinea or what ever the fuck city we’re in now. I have broken my long standing hate of reality and actually enjoyed it.

Have Saturday nights really come to this?! Have we finally broke, become actual stereotype parents who put the kids to bed just to sit down and enjoy this utter drivel? I even tweeted about it. I am mortified.

It’s surely down hill from here. Why don’t we just sign ourselves up for Big Brother right now?

I’m taking myself of to create a 30 before 30 list in my new bullet journal project before I watch the Kardashian’s or worse, enjoy it. I’ll make myself write lines I swear. It’s a slippery slope this reality tv crap.

In other news; Delilah created the most beautiful artwork in her first art sessions. Super fun, super messy and the bath water was an interesting colour when we were finished.

Happy Saturday from a disgrace me.

Xoxo, L.

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