Sunday trip.

Yes we really have turned into that family for the weekend. Reality TV on Saturday Nights and Ikea trips on Sundays.

This swedish maze of endless joyfull furniture is hell on earth. Dont get me wrong, I love Ikea. I love the products and the pretend inspirational layout rooms. I like the sofas and the fabrics, the chairs and the desks. I’ve even been know to have a special place in my heart for an Ikea hot dog. My love for the place stops when other people enter the equation.

This place plays havoc with anxieties. Slow people walk far to slow, snail mail speed in fact. Fast people walk far to fast, have no voice to ask you to step aside politely and I’m pretty sure one fast paced woman wanted a piggy back today because she was so far up my arse.

We did however buy wine glasses and Delilah now has bedroom curtains. So every cloud.

Man well and truly christened the wine glasses; and if he’s not hanging in the morning from mixing grain and grape he will be lucky. Well deserved though as he put up the curtains and cleaned the kitchen.

Delilah had a mini photo shoot in her bedroom and grumped for most of it. Arh, the many faces of Dela.

Xoxo, L

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