One of Those Days

It started early this morning when I jump on the scales. I’ve been using the old scales, the type that don’t take batteries. I’ve seen a decrease in lbs over the last month, which of course has pleased me. Until this morning.

Man had put in new batteries in the battery operated scales so I jumped on those. I even took off everything I considered to be heavy clothing. I was left with only knocked and cami top on, these are light. I can deal with this artificial weight, it’s barely anything after all. Look down at the black digital numbers on that hazy grey display and it’s reading I’m 10lb heavier than I’ve been thinking. FML. Really?! Yes, really.

Well that’s a bloody bummer and a half to start a Monday with. But after yesterday’s hellish ikea induced mood, I was determined to make this a positive. I got my workouts done. 50 mins of belly blasting magic while Delilah crawled about and then napped. I wrote a meal plan for the week, off all the meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks. Get ready to go out, pack the baby in her seat and heave her out to the car. Fasten her in, which I’m telling you is no easy feat in a two door mini. Jump in, keys in ignition. Seat belt on and turn the keys. Hmmmm. Nothing but a little hum is going on at this point and I’m sure it should be starting up. I know it should be starting up. Try again, and again and once more for good luck.

I have no good luck.

The bleeding battery is dead. No one to get a jump start off either. Get everything out of the car, including singing child. Open the door, set the child free crawling again and do the shopping online. Stuck to the list (bonus) and ordered it for delivery first thing tomorrow morning. Meaning I have to get up early and put on clothes, workout clothes so I can do my workout earlier and with some luck the most part before Delilah wakes up. So there are some plusses out of this.

Took a walk to the village, Delilah in her pram which has a freaking flat tyre. Who effing knew a pram could get a flat? Well, I do now. I can assure you it’s harder to push with shopping in the basket up hill when you have a flat. It’s hard. Plus side of this, more cardio?

Managed a little meal prep when I got home from my walk with what I already had in. Can’t wait to start on some snack prep tomorrow. Here are my healthy homemade chicken nuggets and a courgette and bacon slice.

Yeah, so it’s been one of those days. I think I’ve made a positive out of the most parts. I’m going to work on my bullet journal now, in hope I will have an update tomorrow for you all.

Xoxo, L.

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