20,000 steps. Well that’s topped up my workout from first thing this morning! Winning!

Anyone who read yesterday’s post will know I ordered my shopping online. One item on my list was coconut oil. I’m cooking super healthy and this is the oil I prefer to use. Now I have on the substitutes, meaning if the supermarket doesn’t have what I’ve ordered I will get an alternative.

3 of my items were substituted. Desiccated coconut. Just a swap out for a different brand. Great, okay. Fabulous in fact. At least I got this item. Second was almond milk, I use it in my shakes. Again just a brand swap. So perfectly fine. Coconut oil. Let me reiterate that. Coconut oil. My coconut oil was replaced with CREAMED COCONUT! Just what?!

Can someone please tell me (other than the word coconut) what these products have in common? I have no words. I think a closer item would have been olive oil or any kind of oil. Needless to say I refused this item at the door and will go coconut oil-less until I find some.

Tuesday’s are our out and about days with Dela’s Nana. We took a long walk, a coffee, a play in the park and a mini (healthy) picnic. My neice threw most of her sandwich on the floor because it obvs the best game in the world. Dela fell asleep at lunch time so missed the lot. I’m of the opinion that you shouldn’t wake a sleeping baby, especially for food. She will always eat once she’s woken up, you wake her, she might not nap again and be ratty for the rest of it.

For dinner we used up my pre prep’d courgette and bacon slice. I made some chocolate chip banana bread, and some peanut butter bubble crunch. There’s also a picture of my oats, which were heaven for breaky. If you haven’t tried frozen raspberries yet, go do it now. They’re like little frozen ice pops.

All in all a good day. And no disastrous happening so far, and it’s all most bed time.

Xoxo, L.

3 thoughts on “20,000

  1. Oh your food is making me so hungry to look at! And well done on the steps, smashed it! 😊

    I wish I could bake, I try but it’s still very much a work in progress for me, a hit or a miss (usually a miss) and your bread looks sooooo tasty! πŸ™Œ x

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    1. I burnt it. I would have loved to have got a shot of the entire loaf, but man stuck his finger in it and it was a littler darker than it should have been πŸ˜‚ hence the cut, from the bottom shot.

      Thank you for stopping by xx

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