Bullet Journal Update

Hello! I am exhausted! My day was utterly messed up by my new front door.

It’s my Grandad’s birthday! Happy birthday Grandad. You’re amazing; your fight, your stubbornness, and your sense of humour. Some days we don’t see these things because of the vascular dementia but I know you’re still there and we get glimmers on good days. I love you and I can’t wait to spend tomorrow with you. Here’s a picture of him when my mum’s dog decided to share seats. We were all in stitches including Grandad because she just bounced right up there on his lap.

I missed his birthday lunch because I was waiting for my new front door to be fitted. Initially they were supposed to come in the am. They didn’t and it got pushed on and pushed on till 2pm! Now I get that the office staff clearly are clueless about the times for fitting a door and/or Windows and it’s something that will occasionally happen. However, if communications had been more clear, I could have made the birthday lunch and got back in time for the door to be fitted. So tomorrow I’ll spend the day with him in hope to make up some lost time.

I’m still setting my journal up, and as it’s my first go it’s a little sketchy. But here is what I’ve got so far: year overview, a key, birthdays, fitness tracker and mood tracker. It’s a start. A work in progress.

I’m finding it super relaxing and good for tracking water intake, workouts and food each day so far (day 2, so think of that what you will).

In my wait for the door being fitted, Dela and I (along with the dog and all 3 cats) were banished to the kitchen to keep out of the way. For three hours. THREE HOURS! This, ladies and gents is why I’m exhausted. Keeping a baby entertained while stopping the cats beating up the door for this length of time is hard work! Anyway, I made shepherds pie, times 2 because man doesn’t eat the mash I have on my healthy version (cauliflower and sweet potato). So two shepherd’s pies later there is plenty for the freezer. Bonus. Any way now it’s cooled I’m off to portion the rest up and stick it in the freezer. I’m afraid this kind of oil ain’t pretty on a plate, but I assure you it was pretty good.

Happy Wednesday.

Xoxo, L.

2 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Update

  1. May I ask what you used to get your blog page looking so fantastic? It’s simple but elegant which is what I would love to go for! Any suggestions for a complete novice would be suggested 🙂 keep it up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You may certainly ask, but that testing me. I will try find out for you and let you know. I’m pretty sure it was just a WordPress template, as I am no techie and the art of web design baffles me. Thanks for stopping by. I will take a read of your blog in the am 😊


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