A Blury Week

This week feels like it’s been utter chaos. I always try to appreciate the beauty in chaos, but I am so exhausted my radar for beauty in the chaos is running on empty.

Today has been a sort it out day. Or at least an attempt to sort it out. Clear and tidy the kitchen because it looked like a bomb had gone off and the litter trays needed doing too. So I did, I cleared up and tidied, emptied, washed and replaced the kitty litter and started to mop the floor. Steam mop gave up. It’s dead. Luckily I was almost done with the mopping, but come on. Why does my stuff always break when I need it. First the car at the beginning of the week and now the steam mop. Just why?!

I bought some clilit bang. Our house is damp, it’s falling apart and there is mould in the bath room and on the odd window. It’s embarrassing that it’s this way, and I try my utmost to keep it as clean as possible. So when I saw this beauty on sale today I grab some.

I spritzed it on the bathroom tiles and let it sit for 5 mins. Dela was asleep downstairs in her pram lucky because this stuff was toxic. I mean eye wateringly, dizzy spell inducing toxic. In a confined area like a shower cubicle it gave me a headache of migraine proportions. Should come with a warning not only to wear gloves to keep open all Windows while using. On the plus side it has improved the look of some of my tiles, and I intend to use it again on the stubborn bits.

Operation clean and tidy is still in progress.

Meals today have been on fleek. A fibre full smoothie for breakfast, a warm smoothie for lunch and chicken fried rice for dinner with a mint chocolate bubble crunch square for an evening snack.

I’m determined to loose 10lbs this month, so by week that approx 2.5lbs a week. So doable and not crazy. I’m working out and sticking to very healthy fuel food. I’m trying so hard to move more and drink more water.

My aim is to be healthy, feel comfortable and confident in my own body. Overall I need my girl to have a healthy lifestyle from day one. Using food as fuel and not emotional cushioning which plenty of us do. It’s time we raise healthy, strong and fit children who use working out as stress relief and enjoy every second of some form of physical activity. They learn from us. They watch and copy out every move. So that’s how Delilah will learn (here when is helping with the warm smoothie at lunch).

Here’s to a healthy weekend.

Xoxo, L.

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