I have a meeting tomorrow.

I’m feeling fully prepared because I’ve done my research. I’ve taken up two pages in my bullet journal with questions and what I know to be fact on our meeting agenda. I like to have questions at the ready, because as much as I’m not too bad at written English I’m not always so good at getting all the information I need because I’m forgetful in natural conversation. Note taking is imperative. For both parties, I believe.

I always feel better when others take notes too. It’s just more reassuring, and convinces me that the other party is listening and taking notice.

Man is off work for the rest of the week so we can spend sometime together. Meaning he will be taking care of Delilah while I’m in my meeting. This is the first time he will be taking care of her on his own since the afternoon of a theatre trip back in September. I hope Dela behaves. The last couple of days she’s been whiney, and I’m hoping that because she’s going to get her first tooth. I hope. So for a few hours at least I hope she feels at her usual sunny self.

Hopes aside, I’m excited to see where tomorrow goes. Wish me luck!

Xoxo, L

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