Alone, But Not Lonely.

An evening alone, and I already finished Gossip Girl. What’s a girl to do?

Well, there’s a blog to write, a bullet journal to update, and Netflix seasons to binge – that is once I’ve actually picked which to start with.

Man and I have had a lovely few days together. It’s crazy how much more I feel like myself after sometime together. I was slowly disappearing beneath a mucky house and a teething baby before he had the few days off. We slept till 8am some days, and that is a lay in. Movies on the sofa, and entire family cuddles including the dog on a morning. Tomorrow morning will not be the same.

Man has gone out for the first guys night he’s had in about a year. Meaning regardless of his ‘I don’t intend to get drunk drunk’ speech as I dropped him at the train station, he will most likely be drunk. As long as he isn’t sick, it shouldn’t be too bad. If he throws up, I’ll have him clean it himself. Seems fair to me.

I’m never lonely when I’m alone. I find solitude in the quiet and my soul feels rested and recharged. I am truely an introvert and I don’t mind in the slightest. It’s when we are alone we learn the most about ourselves, we don’t need to be lost to find ourselves. Serenity and freedom is being yourself when you’re alone. Learn to be by yourself I urge you, you could never regret it.

Xoxo, L

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