The Home In My Head

We’re so close to having the deposit for our first home it’s driving my creative side a bit scatty. My Pinterest feed is full of home decor and I have build myself a perfect picture in my head about how our home is going to look.

Ideally it’s going to have a gated garden, which undoubtedly will have a drive way and a garage (mans want, I really couldn’t careless about a garage). I’m having a porch too. Finally a place with some hooks for coats and some shoe storage to boot because coats slung on the sofa and shoes by the door is unavoidable in the place we are currently living.

Living room will be simple in colours. I’m thinking mostly white and grey with hints of pink and copper. Pictures from Pinterest (where else?!).

This will need to be an ultra functional room, so I’d be all for a wooden style floor which is easy clean. Great big rug in the centre with a mix of different textured textiles all over including some lush green plants. I adore the more glam copper against the the simple white/grey.

The heart of the home is definitely the kitchen. I cook, every day and every meal if I’m at home. It’s rare that I don’t. I really like the idea of dark coloured cabinets with light colours counter tops. I’d like to carry a theme through the house as well, and at the moment I’m going for the hint of copper.

Copper pipe shelves in this picture (again from Pinterest) are beautiful. I love the idea of having heavy copper bottom cookware lined up on the shelves. Favourite spices on show and living herb pots (herby teacups) on show. Double oven, yes. Gass hobs, yes.

I’m not overly fussed if we end up with a kitchen-dinner or a separate dinning room. Either would be perfectly good in my mind. I’d love a dramatic dinning space, darker colours but carry the copper again. This pallet is perfect (Pinterest pic).

There it is, an insight into the decor of the home in my head. Well at least the first floor. I’ll save the upstairs/bedrooms/bathroom and offices for another post.

What’s your ideal? What palette would you pick?

Xoxo, L.

10 thoughts on “The Home In My Head

  1. Oh how beautiful!! Your home is going to be absolutely stunning. 😍😍 I’m awful at home decor. My fiancé won’t let me pick because my sense of color clashes so bad lol. I love dark reds though and lavender purples. They’re just so pretty to me!!

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    1. I bet your not. Tell him that clashing colours are on trend. Interior designers are always colour blocking!! Lavender is a great colour too 😍 beautiful. Xx


  2. You’ve got fantastic taste when it comes to interior design, I love the colour schemes and ideas you’ve come up with!

    I’m sure your home will be amazing, I hope you reach your deposit goal soon 🙂

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    1. It’s my favourite colour pallet (at the moment). Arh can’t wait, I’ll be perusing your tips for money saving to help with that!

      Thank you so much for stopping by and talking a look 🙋 xx


    1. Pinterest is a dangerous place… you can plan practically everything in a few clicks 😂. I really can’t wait to get a set of keys that open something that belongs to us. Will be fab!!

      Thank you so much for reading xx

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  3. I love your home ideas!! I was so lucky and got to design my dream home with 40” height countertops and open plan. It’s small but perfect! I was pinteresting like a demon too! Wishing you a dream home ASAP!

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    1. Oh that is super lucky! I bet it’s beautiful. Thank you I really hope we can get there soon too, I need a canvas to test these ideas out on.

      Thank you so much for stopping by, reading and getting in touch xx


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