30… and

So this is thirty. Three decades of experience and I’m still stuck in wonderland.

Between the birthday cards and treats I’m thinking I need to change something. A blog overhaul, a post scheduled and a new skin care regime… at least that’s what my birthday thoughts have suggested. So exciting times to come.

I have books to read, an Alice in wonderland cake to get through and skin to perfect. I have thoroughly enjoyed this weekend. Man took me to Lady Betty’s tea room in York yesterday afternoon. It was divine. Afternoon tea with an accompanying Kir Royal and a wander round York which is such a beautiful place. Visits galore and a birthday meal which was suppose to be a surprise (but I helped to organise it) with a very surprise Alice cake! How gorgeous is this!

I am eternally grateful for all who surround me on my 30th. I adore you, I am blessed to have you in my life.

Keep your eyes peeled for that overhaul. And eat cake; eat all the cake because I said it was okay as it’s my birthday. And I’m having a birthday week.

Xoxo, L

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