Mothers Day – At a Distance

As us Brits know, yesterday was Mother’s day. I was woken up by my little dolly and her daddy with a card and presents. They printed some pictures from our wedding and framed them for me. Wedding pictures are another story – but Hubby had picked out some of the semi decent ones to gift me and they do look rather sweet in the little white frames. They also printed one of my late granddad which made me blub, not hard to make me cry but I only lost him last year and it’s been a tough time ever since. So to have a smiling picture of him really is a beautiful thing.

They both made a breakfast of vegan pancakes and strawberries. And they know me well enough not to bring it in the bedroom – urgh crumbs (even the thought of it makes me feel funny – and not in a good way).

Just near to lunch time I took a trip across the village to see my mum – at a distance! I dropped off the gifts I had made, including chocolate brownies, shortbread with fondant messages and a couple of chocolate cupcakes along with a little plant for the garden.

I’m sending warm wishes always especially at this dark time for her. She is self-employed and is currently being battered by social distancing/isolation guidelines. As understanding as we all are, it does mean that her business has drastically changed over the last couple of weeks.


On the theme of positivity it is time to change things up, be innovative and create something new for these different time we are in. It’s a chance to heal and grow in a new direction. As much as change is scary we need to embrace and go with it, otherwise I fear we will not learn anything. Keep your brain working, learn a new skill, brush up on an old hobby, get out the dusty guitar, re-open that book you started to read pre mum days and finish it off. We can all make good of this crisis if we use a little creativity.

I hope that you had the loveliest day you could mumma, and I hope your mum did too. And to my mum, as always; I love you dearly and I really do appreciate everything you are and everything you do.

Love and mummy hugs,
L, xox

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