Toddler with a Trowel

Today has been a day of in the garden sun sitting. Pottering about with two shadows following – toddler and my four legged bestie. We’ve been avoiding the news and my work chat groups today as the constant chatter about Covid-19 is driving me up the wall. I know its huge right now, I know its important and scary and impending so much doom on the world but I’m cutting off from all things related for much of the day. Our house hold is high risk so it doesn’t even bare to think of what could happen and for that reason as well as my own sanity I’ll have an up date once a day.

Anyway enough of the doom. we’ve been planning out what we are going to do with the garden. My veg box is now re-constructed to a different height, my first attempted was too tall, we we’ve just shortened it down a bit. We have to line and fill it now. We planted more herb seeds after the propagator blew over again a week and a half a go. I will not give up. I do have a pot luck veg/herb/flower pot so your guess is as good as mine as to what may grown from that beauty.

Delilah was in her element wandering round with a trowel in her hands, digging in mud, getting mucky hands and dirt under her finger nails. I’ve been trying to show her how to peddle on her trike too, she needs a little more practice. Her mantra is ‘I can, I will’ which I am really hoping stays with her for life. Right now just getting her to commit to learning new things, as with all toddlers can be a challenge. The kid never stops moving, shes a right scatter brains.

Today we planted tomatoes, chives, basil, rosemary, thyme and some cress. We’ve ordered some grass seed suitable for our very clay like earth and hope to make good on the lawn after an awful stormy time at the end of winter combined with the dog peeing on it. For the dog we found some Dog Rocks (I am in no way affiliated with pets at home -we use and have bought these ourselves), we love them and seem to really work with our boy dog. I really truly recommend them, it means a lot less pee burns on the lawn.

I marked out the lawn where I’m going to put a cherry tree and placed my box where it’s going to be once its filled up. Delilah and I replanted the garlic (the only surviving thing of our original planting), we’ve planted it along side some parsley. I’m really not sure if they going to make the best bedfellows, but it’s all trial and error in my garden. We will learn, even it is the hard way.

Hubs cleared and and painted his benches in the garage and a couple of days ago we put in a shelving rack up in there. that was a flat pack nightmare. I’m normally a dab hand and throwing up flat pack, i like a little logic workout occasionally. But I’m thinking that this particular package came from another dimension due to the hyper strange instructions. the pictures of the items in the box didn’t even correlate to the actual pieces we had. We got there though. Garage is looking pretty neat now, garden looking better, but certainly not how we want it yet.

I’m now putting daily updates on the new Insta feed, keeping up with Twitter and posting so much more frequently on Facebook now so please do keep up with me on those platforms. I’d be so please to see some interaction from you guys on there. Newest platform is Pinterest for the blog too, but I will to this once I’ve set a couple more boards up. So off I go to get some updates done across the platforms.

Stay safe, stay well and stay as sane as you can.
Love and stuff,
L, xoxo

2 thoughts on “Toddler with a Trowel

  1. It is so cool to see people’s garden! Nothing beats the satisfaction of being able to grow your own food. Delilah is so cute! Glad you’ve been making the most out of your time and tending to the garden. Take it easy and stay safe!
    Nancy ♥


    1. Hey Nancy,
      Thank you! I hope you’re staying safe too. And yes I agree, were only just starting our gardening journey but loving it so far. It is very therapeutic for me. It’s nice to find joy in something outdoors with no screen time involved.

      You have the most beautiful name and blog; I’ve visited a couple of times now and will certainly be back again. Thank you so much for stopping by and taking a look. ❤
      L, xox


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