Friday, Er I mean Saturday

It comes to light that being at home constantly makes us loose track of what day of the week it is. My body clock has decided to go back to a normal-ish sleeping pattern which is going to totally screw me over when I return to work but I guess I will deal with that at the time it happens (I mean who know when that is going to be).

Toddler life is frustrating right now. Two and a half and she can’t continue with much of what we did before and we are restricted to the house and garden. With the weather as its been too its been mostly indoor activities. Keeping a whirlwind of a toddler busy is more difficult than usual when you cant have a change of scenery. Today we made bird feeders – or as Dee likes to call them Bird Seeders because of course it involves bird seeds. Beautiful toddler logic. So we rolled toilet roll tubes smothered in peanut butter in to bird seed and hung it with a bit of craft wool on our back fence. We cut a little door in to an empty milk carton for doors, decorated and filled it with bird seeds. Took us all of 30 mins to complete as we were working with the little craft stuff we have left in the house at the moment. Note to self; must order some more craft bits.

Man and I are currently working through all the marvel films in chronological order (no release date order) to keep us busy on evenings and last night we had a tiny date night. this resulted in us drinking beer (some of us (enjoy your hangover man) more than others) and sitting in the hot tub after a homemade lasagna. Cloud spotting and googling random sea creatures. It was nice to actual switch off a little and just be once the little was in bed.

Just a small snippet for now, a couple of larger post coming Monday and later next week which will include a porridge run down – and yes I’m excited about everything you can do with this versatile wonder at the moment. Theres and impending skincare routine and a curly girl method update of what I’ve found so far on my CG journey and a sweetie haul from a vegan sweet company I found online!

Love and squeezes,

L, xox

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