… amidst the flour and ink blots is the; who, what, where and why.

This seems like a pretty good place to start, I guess.

I’m a 5’3 (and a tab end), fiery redhead. Don’t forget to add the endless thoughts and day dreams. Not to mention the copious amounts of chaos I cause no matter where I lead. And I’m damn sure, if you follow the trail of icing sugar and flour you’ll find me in the centre somewhere, with of course, a menagerie of animals.

Born and breed in Bradford (yes, this god forsaken hole is where I reside and have done my entire existence, apart from a three year stint in Huddersfield). Since leaving Uni (the reason my residence changed for a while) I seem to have acquired a taste for the culinary arts (especially baking) and a bunch of cats, as well as one tall, lanky dog. I’ve also adopted some fish and the occasional woodlice that appears in bathroom.

Currently, I am about to embark on the latest phases of a somewhat stunted career. I’ve had a transition year, being a temp and doing contract work after an unforeseen redundancy. New job, it’s an added directive behind the blog and I’m sure you will see how that plays out. I’m excited to get on the new ride at least and see what challenges lay ahead.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

L  xox


One thought on “About

  1. You still keeping positive Lotty? 🙂

    I’m thinking I may need you for some social media advice…annnd seeing as my mouth is creaming right now from your blog you can help me bake too 😛

    MY BOOK: http://www.brendancorbett.com

    What is your onion (not a typo, just for giggles instead of opinion) of my front cover design?

    Talk soon



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