… amidst the flour and ink blots is the; who, what, where and why.

This seems like a pretty good place to start, I guess.

I’m a 5ft and a tab end, fiery redhead. Don’t forget to add the endless thoughts and day dreams. Not to mention the copious amounts of chaos I cause no matter where I lead. And I’m damn sure, if you follow the trail of icing sugar and flour you’ll find me in the centre somewhere, with of course, a menagerie of animals.

Born and breed in Bradford (yes, this god forsaken hole is where I reside and have done my entire existence, apart from a three year stint in Huddersfield). Since leaving Uni (the reason my residence changed for a while) I seem to have acquired a taste for the culinary arts (especially baking) and a bunch of cats, as well as one tall, lanky dog. I’ve also adopted some fish and the occasional woodlice that appears in bathroom.

Currently, I am about to embark on the latest phases of a somewhat stunted career. I’m currently having a transitional period as I have recently become a first time mum. So along with the animals, there is man and baby too.

I’m cynical, skeptical, always questionable and mostly always quiet enough that I can not be read. That’s the way I like it.

Baker, writer and chaos maker.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the random ramblings of an almost 30 year old.

L xox

4 thoughts on “About

  1. You still keeping positive Lotty? 🙂

    I’m thinking I may need you for some social media advice…annnd seeing as my mouth is creaming right now from your blog you can help me bake too 😛

    MY BOOK: http://www.brendancorbett.com

    What is your onion (not a typo, just for giggles instead of opinion) of my front cover design?

    Talk soon



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