The Broken Crayons and The Ginger Whale

Sorting out the littles colouring box and finding a hell of a lot of broken crayons. I’ve seen it countless times online, pinterest, and Insta ect when people melt down the old crayons in silicone moulds and reuse the results. Getting the best out of the broken bits. I’d just like to take a moment to drift back to my own childhood when the paper jackets on crayons would slip off countless times for you to be able to slide the crayon right back in, or they’d be easy to rip back the paper to expose more of the crayon. I remember the waxy smell of them and still to this day love it.

However I can confirm that crayons are no longer easy to separate from their paper jackets. As it took me a good 20 mins to take all the paper off before melting them. But its imperative you do so I did endure it. I filled up an old silicone cupcake tray with the broken old crayons and tried to keep similar colours together. Keeping them similar makes me smile but feel free to mix them up and put in all the colours you would like or stick to one colour per hole.

Pop them in the oven and bake till melted completely. On my lowest setting it took about 15 mins, but my oven is beyond ancient so isnt the best (roll on the new kitchen in the atumn – can not wait). All I can tell you is heat until melted, remove from the oven and cool till solid making sure they are thoroughly cooled before letting little hands touch.

Grab some paper or a colouring book and enjoy those new colours. Dee loved them, easy to hold and they look cute stacked because of the puck shape. I implore you to have a go, in the name of reduce, reuse, recycle and of course as a time filler if you’re lacking bits and bobs to get the little ones involved with.

Dee forever asks to make “gingermans” and today I folded and helped her make some. We made circles, gingermans, stars and whales which initially I thought was a strange looking bunny. Man put me right and hands up it deffo looks like more of a whale than a bunny. What do you think? I can kinda see both. Dee says it’s a bunny.

Recipe to follow shortly for these. They’re certainly a winner in my house. Crisp and spicy with a lingering ginger flavour, for lovers of ginger these are a must.

Love and wishes,

L, xox

Easy Peasy

When toddlers take things at face value we often find ourselves puzzling, doubled over in laughter or even blushing with embarrassment. When Deedee had a conversation with her daddy today in the garage we were no exception to that rule.

She was practicing riding her trike, shes having trouble pressing down on the pedals with alternate feet. Her attention span ain’t all that, so she wanders off to find daddy doing man things in the garage. They end up having a conversation where shes asked him if the moon was going to come out. He quickly replied that he would get the moon and stars for her “easy peasy lemon squeezy”. Okay daddy.

She comes into the kitchen where I’m having a rare four and a half mins and a cup of peppermint tea. And she says “Mummy, can I have the juicy lemon for daddy so he can get the moon to come out” I tried to hold back the giggles, but this kid was serious so I asked her how he was going to do that to which she replied “he needs the easy peasy juice lemon to get the moon and the stars to come out”.

Yes, darling; daddy is going to get you the moon by squeezing lemon at the sky. I mean, what do you say to that. I’m in stitches, she’s really pleased I’d given her the lemon juice (juicy lemon squeezy) out the fridge and she wandering in and out the garage trying to give daddy it so he can get the moon.

You’re killin’ me smalls. You’re really killin’ me.

Love and squeezes,

L xox

Sandy Toes

After a leisurely morning we took a trip out to Formby just by Southport.

Man and I went once the year we met, but it’s the first time we’ve been back. It’s such a beautiful place, I’d be happy to live on the door step of Formby. The houses are beautiful, the type that are huge with double garages and a gated driveway. Probably well out of our price range (for the moment). Anyone wants to give us a house there, we wouldn’t say no!

The beach is hidden away by a woods and sand dunes, so it’s a fair walk. With pram and bubs it’s a killer walk, especially in flip flops on the soft sand. Dela wasn’t overly sure of sand when man put her straight in it, but a few moments of sand discovery late she loved it. Touching, patting it, crawling it and putting it in daddy’s shoes.

Our day in pictures

We had a down pour as we walked back to the car. Under the tiniest umbrella we didn’t get too wet, Dela of course was okay under her rainhood on the pram.

Happy, sunny, sandy Sunday.

Xoxo, L

Netflix Top Picks

I am sharing with you my top (so far) picks from Netflix. A different kind of post for me, but I thought I need to keep up the positive and share a few things I’ve enjoyed and continue to enjoy. I am a binge watcher. I can’t help it, I’m either into it or I’m not. It’s an all or nothing kind of relationship, and that’s practically with everything.

1. The Big Bang Theory.

I am huge fan. Spurred on by man’s late dad’s love for it I guess. I watched it all, every single episode (and even paused for pee breaks). I love the relationship between Penny and Sheldon, it’s so real. They have the most amazing friendship group, one to be envious of for sure.

2. The Good Life.

I found it funny, it is pretty tedious in places. The main character is a little relatable, the whole wanting to better herself we can all adhere to on occasion (especially when you’re in that “I needed to change something” mode). I thought the first season was the best, the smart little twist is pretty good.

3. The Crown

A sucker for a royal drama. Matt Smith as Prince Philip is just genius. Even man got hooked on this one. Well written, costume work is amazing and it really makes you see a different side to the woman who rules the land.

4. The Alienist.

Twisted, dark and intricate. Adored each episode, with this said there were a few facts that I thought we’re useless towards the end of the first season. Can’t wait to find out where they go with this in the future. I don’t suppose it’s for the faint of heart, and a nervous disposition should probably leave the room for this one but it is so worth your time.

5. 13 Reasons Why.

Pure love for both seasons. Honest, brutal, truthful and such a talking point. Opening the dialogue of such a bunch poignant topics. Bullying, sexual assault, suicide. Each of which need to be discussed and respected and delt with. It isn’t a one fix fits all for any of these issues and it’s good that it’s been portrayed in this way. Watch this, it’s heart breaking and heart warming.

6. Gossip Girl

Dreamy, escapism. A tale of high society New Yorkers in all their finery and creating drama where ever possible. Loved the finale and finding out who GG actually is. Easy watching and indulgent for those ‘I want to live and write in New York City’ dreams.

7. The Vampire Diaries

Very long! Far too many seasons, but some of the story lines were good. I prefer the after Elena seasons. Loved the characters of Caroline and Damon. Again it was like a day dreamy escape for the most parts until Elena cried and pulled the same face for the majority of the episodes. I’m glad I watched it, and I keep meaning to start The Originals which is a spin off with a few of the characters from Vampire Diaries.

8. Shadow Hunters

All the magical day dreams combined. Vampires, werewolves, witches/warlocks and more. I like this one, it’s mega cheesy but anything from a magical realm is worth a watch in my opinion. Sucker for the magical. I’m afraid that I’m not a huge fan of the main characters, the sub characters however are more interesting which is the reason I’ve continued to watch. If you like any thing mystical, or if you’ve read the books (I haven’t) it’s worth a go.

As you can tell, I’m one for escapism. Fantasy and all things a little bit dreamy. It’s the perfect way to unwind and escape from reality especially when you’ve had one of those days.

What do you watch? What’s on your list? I’d love to know what’s on your watch list.

Xoxo, L.