I’ve reached an empass. I’ve got to a point in my ‘kick the additional weight’ journey where my body is just like NOPE. The scales have barely moved this month and the fact that I’ve been well and truly on it is driving me nuts.

I’m drinking plenty of water on a daily basis, working out 5-7 days a week for between 30 and 60 mins not including any walking I do. I’m eating so well, all clean no processed foods, no additional sugar or salt. I don’t understand. So yeah, that’s where I am with that. Supper disappointed that my body is refusing to respond.

In a rebellion against my non-responsive body I’ve been looking up workout on Pinterest. This one move, particularly the picture to show it, made me laugh out. I think there might be something wrong with me because this tiny little picture, was to me, hilarious! I like how the woman is just like exactly the same with her ponytail is slightly skewed to one side, and she’s higher up in the little blank box she resides in. Like I said, pretty sure I should have found it that funny.

Delilah and I spent the day with my brother and Ems. We spent it walking in the sunshine, letting the girls splash in the water table and playing with the two huge dogue de bordeaux that live with Ollie and Ems. Here is a douge nose, a very lovely nose it is too.

Delilah took her hat off at every opportunity, and then threw it in the water and ate the grand total of 5 mouthful of dinner. Poor kid seems to have got my immunity for pollen. She was streaming, and of course the chemist wouldn’t sell anything to me as she is too young. So off to the doctors we go so they can prescribe something for my little lady bug.

Despite the hayfever, hopefully we will see more of this beautiful weather!

Xoxo, L

A Run In

Spoke with a councillor this morning who informed me he didn’t do social media. And that our village news group is ill informed and the actions of the degenerates can’t possibly be true because they arent all verified by the police!


That’s me not voting for their party this year.

Stop slating others and community run groups, and start talking in straight lines. Maybe answer a few questions directly; and maybe, just maybe appeal to your demographic instead of poo pooing it. Social media is what the majority use, and if your not going to make any effort to be part of the community why the hell would we vote so you can run it?!

Sorry for the mini rant, I have compose an actual article with the details in, but I caught the attention of the local paper while venting on Twitter. So this work is theirs. For now at least. Because if they don’t publish, name and shame the party and individual who I had a run in with, I will!

Want my vote – work for it.

Xoxo, L.

Kids or Gang Culture?

I live in a little village in the outskirts of Bradford, West Yorkshire. I’ve lived here my entire life, bar a stint at university. It has always been a sweet place with a decent community. And this is still the case for the most part.

We converse by our Facebook groups, support the local shops and generally have a quiet life style. That is until the last six months to a year, when our village has been terrorized by teen gangs.

It has come to light, especially since the festive period that we are over run by ‘kids’ and their idea of fun. It stops being fun when people are feeling threatened, unsafe and victimised. Some residents have had personal dealings with these ‘kids’ and agreed to speak with me, they shared shocking truths about what had happened.

A source told me: When the weather was icy her younger brother (23) who has Autism, had been targeted. The gang of children threw ice balls at her brother while he was on his motorbike, they hit his helmet and almost knocked him off. He hadn’t been riding long, so his confidence had been knocked by the hit to the head. He continued home to be followed by the group where the abuse continued.

When he had entered his home, the group tried to trash his bike. He went back out to confront them; to tell them to leave his property alone, this is when they picked up steel bars from a near by building site and swung at him. They were about 15 years of age and there were 5 of them in this group. With Autism, there is an increased risk of an angry outburst. With age difference, we all know that the 23 year old would be the one arrested in this situation if anything was to happen.

My source has had multiple dealings with these teens, and continued sharing what had happened.

A daughter, of 3 years old in the house with her mum. The village had icy weather about a month ago and this young family was targeted. The teens threw ice balls at the 3 year old child, who lucky shut the front door before she was hit with the ice.

The same mother was again targeted by our village park. She’s had bricks throw at her, barely missing her face. The police were called. They never came out to the call. This mother has had threats of her home being smashed up, and her car being smashed up.

As residents we shouldn’t have to live in fear of barely legal teenagers. We shouldn’t have to worry about going out after 6pm and being confronted by idiot pre-adults who get a kick out of acts of terrorism. The most punishment these single cell organisms have had, has been a 48 hour ban from the village. [Picture taken from Google]

They’ve wrecked buses, bus stops, local family run businesses, bigger stores. They’ve smashed windows of vans and attempted to cause physical harm to residents, and I am sure there are stories we are not privy to. They’ve shot cats with air rifles, and caused harm with fireworks. They’ve stolen and damaged private property. They’ve cause brawls at the local academy and pubs.

We need as a community to realise this isn’t kids playing mischief. This is gang culture. Gangs trying to rule territory and dominate the locals. It has to be time to introduce a more strict way of handling things before vigilante groups start popping up and dealing with issues themselves.

The age of these miscreants shouldn’t matter. If they do the crime, they should be paying the price. I hope that council members can help, I hope that the police can step up and seriously hope that was get our village back.

Have you ever had any dealings with teens like this? It would be great to hear from you and what your opinion is or what you experience has been.

Xoxo, L.

The Undeniable Headache – Voting


I’ve not a genuine clue when it comes to politics. I’d like to know a little more about the subject to be honest. To know at least enough to make an informed decision on who to vote for. I’m not one to shy away from a little reading and opinon posting, so topping up the old knowledge fountain can’t be a bad thing. Just means I’ve been doing a little research before the upcoming general election, and to be blatantly honest it is giving me a headache.

Issue number one: My research began on the major party websites (Lib Dem, Conservative, Labour), which are about as clear as their bloody policies. Trying to get on Labour’s website was utterly ridiculous as it is programmed to ask you questions at every opportunity and lure you in to eventually give up your email address (on this account, the Lib Dems are guilty of the same crime) so they can spam out your inbox with trash. No thanks.

Issue number two: Once into said websites, it is a complete and utter ballache to see the damn policies. And let’s face it, this is what we are supposed to be basing our votes on!! The worst bit here is that I can’t easily see a way to get to the Lib Dem’s policies. Their front page invites me to join the cause, donate my hard earned dosh or view how they are slagging off the other parties. This straight away pushes Lib Dem out for me. Why the hell would any one give up their time or money for a party whose policies aren’t readily available? Blind voting? I don’t think so.

Issue number three: From the points I did find for each political party, I believe they are poorly laid out, poorly summarised and all the pot/kettle freaking same. The Lib Dems assume that all voters using the website are idiots with their picture icons and the ‘couple of words will sum it up’ approach. Labour have taken up on the same wave length, although their summaries do contain a larger word count. Slightly. And more amusingly, under the heading of ‘Sustainable Social Security’ there is a lovely picture of Miliband telling some poor young lad how much politicians lie “ooohh, it’s only this much”. Conservatives have played it pretty safe with their choice here. Simple text, not too condescending and an ‘easy on the eye’ layout. Although, their sly attempt to get your email address is rather unappreciated in my opinion.

I could continue, but the whole process is actually annoying me. I only wanted to know my options. They all offer the same things but worded slightly different to each other. They all spend far too much time slagging each other off. Well, I’m sorry boys, as much as we all enjoy a good old bitchin’ sesh you lot are supposed to be running the freaking country!! Get a grip.

For tonight I most definitely have had enough of the research. It certainly is not a Friday night enjoyment. I’ll try again another day and enjoy a cool fruit cider this evening instead. How is it possible to decide who they’re going to vote for according to the official websites? Should we trust what comes out of their conceited mouths? I refuse not to vote as I genuinely want my say. More research to be done I think. Not that a single vote will ever count either way. Although I am pretty damn sure that I am not the only who thinks like this.

L xox