A Blury Week

This week feels like it’s been utter chaos. I always try to appreciate the beauty in chaos, but I am so exhausted my radar for beauty in the chaos is running on empty.

Today has been a sort it out day. Or at least an attempt to sort it out. Clear and tidy the kitchen because it looked like a bomb had gone off and the litter trays needed doing too. So I did, I cleared up and tidied, emptied, washed and replaced the kitty litter and started to mop the floor. Steam mop gave up. It’s dead. Luckily I was almost done with the mopping, but come on. Why does my stuff always break when I need it. First the car at the beginning of the week and now the steam mop. Just why?!

I bought some clilit bang. Our house is damp, it’s falling apart and there is mould in the bath room and on the odd window. It’s embarrassing that it’s this way, and I try my utmost to keep it as clean as possible. So when I saw this beauty on sale today I grab some.

I spritzed it on the bathroom tiles and let it sit for 5 mins. Dela was asleep downstairs in her pram lucky because this stuff was toxic. I mean eye wateringly, dizzy spell inducing toxic. In a confined area like a shower cubicle it gave me a headache of migraine proportions. Should come with a warning not only to wear gloves to keep open all Windows while using. On the plus side it has improved the look of some of my tiles, and I intend to use it again on the stubborn bits.

Operation clean and tidy is still in progress.

Meals today have been on fleek. A fibre full smoothie for breakfast, a warm smoothie for lunch and chicken fried rice for dinner with a mint chocolate bubble crunch square for an evening snack.

I’m determined to loose 10lbs this month, so by week that approx 2.5lbs a week. So doable and not crazy. I’m working out and sticking to very healthy fuel food. I’m trying so hard to move more and drink more water.

My aim is to be healthy, feel comfortable and confident in my own body. Overall I need my girl to have a healthy lifestyle from day one. Using food as fuel and not emotional cushioning which plenty of us do. It’s time we raise healthy, strong and fit children who use working out as stress relief and enjoy every second of some form of physical activity. They learn from us. They watch and copy out every move. So that’s how Delilah will learn (here when is helping with the warm smoothie at lunch).

Here’s to a healthy weekend.

Xoxo, L.

Essentials: A Weeks Needs of an Erratic, Almost 30 Year Old

I browse blogs on the daily, and from my reading of this and that I have found that lists are an essential part of a bloggers repertoire. So here it is. A list, in all its listy goodness. A list of things that this lass can’t live without on a daily basis. Well, this week at least.

1. Tea. Tea in almost any form. Yorkshire tea, ginger tea, redbush tea, earl grey to name a few. Ultimate favourite is English Breakfast. It is undeniably the most delicious tea.

2. Moisturiser. As in face and body. I’m using Simple hydrating moisturiser. It’s currently on offer at Superdrug. I like this one, it’s light, easy to apply and not tacky to the touch. For body I’m using FM anti-cellulite lotion. I love this stuff! It’s super hydrating, the appearance of my skin (especially thighs) has improved so much. The fragrance is not too heavy and the consistency is light and great for straight out of the shower. It doesn’t take an age to sink in either. I’m currently selling FM, take a look at my catalogue. Want anything? Just find my email address on this page and let me know how I can help.

3. Baby wipes. Such a mum thing. Mommas- you just know. There are so many things I now use baby wipes for. Absolutely everything. Sticky baby hand – baby wipes. Make up mishap – baby wipes. Skirtingboard looking a bit smudged – baby wipes. Spill an entire coffee over tescos cafe – whole packet of baby wipes. Cat brings you a dead spid. – baby wipes. Sudden urge to freshen up after walking up a steep hill – baby wipes.

I don’t ever remember a time before baby wipes to be honest. They’re just so handy and always a reach away.

I love Johnson’s. They are my preferred. I’ve been lucky enough to get them on offer in a box of 12 packs for about £6. Asda has them on offer in their baby event, I always make sure I have a changing draw full.

4. Red delicious. Apples. I’m not an apple eater, but if I can buy red delicious you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll eat 4 a day. My local asda recently got them in, and they only have them occasionally. I’m on my third bag this week. I adore the dark red bitter, tough skin on the contrasting pure white, sweet flesh. Crisp and juicy; like an apple should be. You can keep the rest, they’re not worth it to me.

5. Cuticle oil. I was a Jamberry consultant. I adore their cuticle oil. Despite not selling the stock any more (I was spending more than earning), I will always use their products. Jamberry cuticle oil smells like marzipan. I have great nails, and I’d credit this to a mainly decent diet and my favourite cuticle care. A drop on each nail bed and you’re sorted.

6. Gossip Girl. Yes, I am behind the trend. Yes I know, years and years behind. You can keep the lot, I find Serena tiring and predictable. Dan is just a little too nice (so far), little J, PH-lease, I am so over her. Yet I continue to watch purely for my love of Blair. I’m hooked on the Blair and Chuck relationship. I hate that all I want is for B to end up happy…. I know we’re talking fictional characters here people, but I just relate for some reason.

7. Chocolate weetabix slice. A recipe I followed from healthy mummy. It’s relatively healthy, 170 cals a slice and divine for an afternoon snack.

8. A local news page on facebook. I’m hooked on the stories. It’s real life, and I have a keen interest in helping to make where I live a better place. What surprises me is how playground the comments become, how closed minded and ignorant some of the residents are. In my humble opinion, people should stay shtum if they have nothing constructive to stay. I have to admit, I have put in my two pennies worth recently out of anger. At least my responses are written with actual coherent words.

So here it is. The weeks list. Okay, it’s not things I can’t live without. The list could have been a bit longer but I’m coming down from a caffeine buzz and it’s later than what I would usually post. So apologies if my rambling isn’t flowing very well.

Xoxo, L

A Hebden Bridge Vibe Sunday

A Sunday like this Sunday in our household means a rare day together as a family. Man works constantly, so it’s great to catch a complete day together.

Today was a lazy start, lingering between the covers while Delilah dribbled and sneezed all over us. She giggled as she did it. And yes, she has a cold – again. I don’t know anyone with a cold at the moment, so god only knows where she’s caught that from.

We decided to take a walk round Hebden Bridge. It’s about a 40 min drive from us. It’s quirky attributes and pleasant vistas are perfect to ramble around. The canal is continual in both directions so you can walk a fair distance.

We got there and we found a little street food market. Rob found Indian street food straight away, the smell was amazing. He bought onion bhajis. We took a gander at some other stalls before we were drawn to a sticky toffee pudding one. Ginger hug, sticky toffee pudding bought, we walked over to the park for a coffee and for some lunch for Delilah.

We walked on the canal bank for a while till we were out of the little town and ran out of pram friendly path by the canal. We looped back via the main road towards where we parked, dodged the roadworks and plenty of people. It’s such a busy little place. One of memories for me. Not necessarily good ones, but memories all the same (this my dears, is another story for another time). Once we had a sleepy Delilah fastened in her seat, man decided we’d drive back via Denholme. Over the tops, on actual driving roads. The type with curves and hills for miles. The good roads that when you know them you feel at ease driving them fast.

He dropped into Keelham farm on the way home and got a piece of beef for dinner and obligatory custard for his pudding – he’s a complete custard fiend. When I was cooking dinner, I noticed I have little sprouts in most of my herb teacups!

How exciting, I’m actually growing something. This may be trivial for anyone else, but for me it’s a triumph! I normally kill any plant, I mean don’t get me wrong there is time yet to murder the innocent seedlings. BUT I will take some comfort in the fact my little seeds are now seedlings.

Anyway, back to tea – I miss calculated how long the beef would take to cook. Now I like my beef on the rare side, but initially our roast was raw. Not so sure it would have passed for cooked at all. So everything was ready apart from the beef. My bad.

After dinner man wanted his sticky toffee pudding, it had a “ginger hug” to it. It was divine. Found the guy who makes them on Facebook. You can check out his page here. So worth trying one of his puds. It was down right delish. Not too sweet, not too gingery and perfectly saucy. The sponge was light and not over facing. Recommended for sure. Even asked about possibly doing wedding puds, think it would be a lovely nod to man’s late mum who’s fave pud was sticky toffee. I never got to meet her, but I just know she would have loved this dessert.

That was however the final naughty. Time to get my butt in gear and get some level of fitness back, and I ain’t talking about ‘fitting-this-whole-piece-of-cake’ kind of fitness. Goals for the week:

1. Drink at least 3 ltrs of water per day.

2. Get a Yoga routine and a workout in pre breakfast. Also hit step count for the day.

3. Eat healthy lower calorie meals and 3 low cal healthy snacks.

Should be simple enough. We will see.

Happy weekend.

Xoxo, L.

Local Hot Spot

Saturday this week was date night. We chose The Chapel House in Low Moor. It’s  like a five second drive from us and we have eaten there once before. The last time we went we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Three courses later, half a stone heavier, I’m sat here with hiccups that I can not get rid of typing up some kind of review. So I apologies now for my (probably) incoherent ramblings. THANK GOODNESS FOR SPELL CHECK!

Obviously arrived 20 mins early as I hate to be late for anything. It was jam packed. A major little hot spot! Drinkers and dinners merging together for a busy Saturday evening. Forgetting it was mothers day we booked very late, but they did manage to squeeze us in. Table for two, at eight o’clock. I have to say after calling another local place earlier today I didn’t hold out much hope, so I was pleasantly surprised to be accepted at our short notice. We stood at the bar and ordered drinks to our tab, and they severed prosecco by the glass (which made a happy Lotty). Drinks are reasonably priced and I would feel entirely comfortable sitting in this place and just having a drink as the pub and restaurant are very well divided.

The food, oh my, the food. Not disappointed in anything, either of us ordered. Well presented and good value for the type of place we were at. And now I can not moved. Pud totally finished me off. So cheers to Saturday,and here is our meal in pictures!!


 Ready to go!


Cheers to date night 🙂


 Starters Ham Hock and Black Pudding Hash (furthest from us) Smoked Haddock Florentine.


 Rob’s Mixed Grill.


 My Slow Cooked Lamb Shank.


 Warm Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream

Rob enjoying pud!!

For three courses and three drinks, we paid around £65.00 (not including tip), so for an alcohol fuelled meal, I would say it was a pretty decent price. The staff and service were also good, friendly and very helpful. Overall 8 out of 10 on the star rating! Well worth a visit if you are our neck of the woods. Hope your Saturday evening has been brilliant too!

I am determined to run this off tomorrow. 10 mile ought to do it!! Hope you’re ready pooch!

Farewell from a very stuffed, and a little less hiccupy Lotty 🙂

L xox