Plant A Seed and It Will Grow

I was twittering on about getting more into gardening. When I say more, I mean make a start on something insignificantly small. Herbs for my kitchen small. This cracking idea brewed after tidying my small back yard of some rubbish that really needs to be taken to the local tip. I had a grand stiring of ideas after watching some Monty Don on Sunday and decided to get over the fact I’ve not ever successfully grown anything on purpose.

Monday morning roles round and I’m on a mission. I tuck Delilah in her pram. The sun is shining, like really strong shining and not pretending so it’s got me all optimistic. My horlicultural mission was calling.

Now in my head walking to wilko’s was a quick effort, I mean it only takes maybe 15 – 20 mins in the car. The way to Brighouse from Wyke is pretty straight forward and the vista is a lovely one. The journey on the way there was pretty good.

Delilah and I had a pit stop so she could have a bottle. We then ventured into wilko’s to find our seeds. I picked out chives, basil, thyme, parsley and some tomatoes (just to clarify I’m not that dense, I know tomatoes aren’t herbs). I already decided not to buy pots, I’m going to be creative- but that’s tomorrow’s blog. I even picked up 20 litres of compost. At this point I’m winning, even walked up the toy aisle when Delilah was awake. She picked out a yellow tambourine and then we wrestled at the till so the man could scan it. I’ve paid for the lot, stick the compost in the pram basket and the seeds in my bag. Bless her soul, Delilah was shaking her tambourine all the way out of the shop.

Arh the journey home. No one ever talks about the trip home. Yes, this was the more challenging part of our mission. You see, it’s all up hill and with an extra 20lts of compost in tow it’s a hard fucking slog. It was so warm. The sun, the actual sun had stayed out and it was really warm so the coat came off and water stops were a must. Delilah was all good, just sat in her little boss chair being wheeled around shaking her tambourine with all that sass.

1 litre of water and two serious hills later, we made it to my mum’s house because I’d managed to invite myself to crash mum’s mate date with one of her besties. Guess what?! They had arranged to meet for a walk! After the days mission, I felt as though I was going to fall asleep before 7pm. It felt like we’d actually been on some journey to middle earth. These seeds better grow. Tomorrow they get the planting treatment.

They better grow…

Oh Gosh – The Versatile Blogger Award

I woke up to find a message from a lovely fellow blogger on yesterdays post. I love getting comments, so that made my morning just to know an actual human being had read my post. Now I’m jumping back in to the blogging world after taking a serious break from the community, so when the lovely JBlaide from Wit and Whimsy said that I was nominated for an award, well. I’ve just had a little buzz all day. It’d been less than a week that I’ve been back in the game, and it is so brilliant to know that my posts have been read. I’d recommend taking a look at Wit and Whimsy, I’ve found resonances with posts on here and will continue to read. Content a reader can relate to is, in my opinion, some of the best.

The Versatile Blogger Award was created to feature and recognise blogs that have unique content, high quality of writing, and fantastic photos. As the webpage about the Versatile Blogger Award says: Honour those bloggers who bring something special to your life whether every day or only now and then.

The Rules of the Versatile Blogger Award:

Thank the person who gave you this award, and include a link to their blog.

Nominate blogs that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.

Share 7 interesting things about yourself that people might not know.

7 Things that you (most likely) didn’t know about yours truly.

  1. When I am content, I sing in the shower. Sometimes off key – but I don’t care.
  2. Last year I bought a violin after a pregnancy dream. In my dream I played beautifully with very little effort. In reality, I murdered the most basic version of Mary Had a Little Lamb and gave up after 3 days of solid practice. I’ll stick with a guitar – I prefer to have frets I can see.
  3. I beyond loath music that is designed to relax you. The really repetitive crap. You know the kind. The kind that plays the same bleeding 3 notes for about seven and a half minuets with no change in rhythm or tempo. ARHHH, actually feel like I’m going to murder when someone plays this amount of repetition (even feel my blood boil just chatting about it).
  4. Although I write freely about it, I find my mental illness difficult to talk about. In fact, I much prefer written communication to verbal in general.
  5. Sometimes, I forget entirely where I am and talk to myself in public; but to be brutally honest, I totally give the best advice (if only I would follow it).
  6. I once pretended to like baths because someone I liked tried to convince me about them. Bare with me on this one – I’m much more of a shower girl! I can not stand to sit in bath water for any period of time without showering after. It makes me feel dirty, so I really don’t see the point. On the flip side, if I had a huge house and a large sum of money, I would totally have a high sided roll top just for the hell of it. They do look good.
  7. I’m an emotional baker and my bakes turn out according to my mood. I can’t explain this, it is merely something that just is.

There it is. A few to start you off. I know for a fact its human nature to keep certain things private, but me, I’m just an open book. You just have to learn how to read me.

Being nominated for the award, means I in turn have the pleasure of nominating some beautiful blogs. So to keep the joy going, the buzz buzzing and the general flow, flowing; here are my nominations for the versatile bloggers award.

My Choice of Nominations

Lena Dee

The Bipolar Writer

Aimee Barnes


Thank you so very much for nominating me Wit and Whimsy. You most certainly brightened my day and gave me a boost that is sometimes very much needed. This award is such a lovely idea, I cant wait read the blogs that will be all interlinked.

Happy blogging lovers

The Small Victories of Today

I’ve been poorly ever since Thursday. On Thursday, the lowest point of my poorliness was dry heaving into Delilah’s shape box thinking I wouldn’t make it through the morning, let alone the rest of the day.

Anyway, today being Sunday ideas determined to feel better and walk up to see my dad. This however, is rather a long and hilly walk even for a day you are fully okay. I was not fully okay. Regrettably I cancelled my walk and never got to see my Dad – it’s been a while now. This makes me sad, but that’s another tale.

Anyway, I took it upon myself to make a start on our back yard. I call it a yard because it’s really not a garden. There is no grass and the only things that currently grows there are weeds. And the weeds grow through our half arsed attempt to make the garden better two and a bit years ago. Let me tell you, weeds are heavy. Weeds and potting soil are VERY heavy. I cleared out the back porch which was brim full of muck and old bits we had used in the garden, an old cat tree and a couple of resident spiders. I got this done when Delilah was mostly napping. I say mostly because she was sat in her coat watching me from her boss chair to start with. That was until she decided to create – and it was far to early for a publish-ish display of tiredness on her part.

So my victory of today was cleaning the most part of the garden up while fighting through what ever this poorliness is and fighting with a tired baby and oh yeah the dog who was trying to eat drain garbage (forgot to mention that bit earlier).

I’ve been on a Monty Don spree too, and I’m feeling a little inspired. I’m going to plant some herbs… maybe in the kitchen. I’m really not good at plants. The only one I’ve ever managed is an orchid. So this can be a start.

Victory will be mine!

One of THOSE Days

Yes, today was most certainly one of those days.

The kind of day you wake up more tired than you went to bed . The kind of day you develop a head cold and sore throat. The kind of day the baby decides food is the enemy, and she needs to stand up at every single opportunity. The term ‘exhausted’ would be an extreme understatement.

The aversion to food started this morning at breakfast. Weetabix with her formula, she shook her head (skill up: the ‘No’ headshake) and pressed her lips tight. I tried to get her to eat some of it for a good while and she was having none of it. Sit down with her, to give my own weetabix breakfast some attention. She wants that. Offer her some and she had about 3 mouthful and changed her mind about that too. Decided she looked tired, so put her down for a nap with a bottle of milk. No problems. Completely zonked.

Lunch time roles round and sweet potato fingers are steaming away in the steamer. Puts a few fingers on her high chair top for her to squish them and throw them on the floor. CHILD! Just eat the god damn sweet potato, you like sweet potato! Mashed some roughly and try that on a spoon. No avail. She shakes her no head at me and mushes the remaining sweet pot. fingers on the table top and tried to feed the dog (who was nowhere near by). Blended sweet potato with a little formula. Shakes her head. Yogurt, no freaking problem.

Tea time was much the same. Im renaming it to “The squash and launch program”.

Delilah cried because the book was closed. Then cried when she opened it. Then cried again when she shut her own fingers in it… it certainly has been one of those day.

Now, which way is bedtime?

A Peep of Spring

It’s a beautiful thing; seeing spring for the first time this year. The picture is my own, roses my grandma brought me yesterdays. The colour of them are perfect for apring time. This morning, on out walk to the village we managed to see a peep of spring. The sun was warm today, Delilah didn’t notice so much as she was (thankfully napping). She had a very bad night and now man and I are suffering profusely today.

She’s normally a massively good sleeper, so one bad night knocks you for six as a parent of a sleep blessed child. Vibes are sleepy in this house today, but it means I’ve managed to get 90% of my washing done. Which means I’m raving about my fabric softener. I network marketing with FM World at the moment and I order the fabric softener a few weeks ago, and oh m gee the smell is fantastic. I’ve currently got my washing hung out on the clothes airer in the living so it fill the room with its fragrance. It’s divine and I can see this being part of my usual household products.

I’m hoping to be a little more consistent with the blog, update more and concentrate on my writing. Getting back to what come a naturally shouldn’t be so hard. I’m considering a weekly recipe post to build up my repertoire a little.

I started journaling most days and it really seems to help organise the old shed. It’s been a tough start to the year, and I have a feeling that the worst is yet to come. I hate to be a pessimist, and I certainly hope I am wrong; either way I will find joy in the little things and be entirely grateful for each opportunity the universe sends.

I am grateful. I am hopeful. I am happy. I am strong enough to deal with anything.

Much love,

L xox