Toddler with a Trowel

Today has been a day of in the garden sun sitting. Pottering about with two shadows following – toddler and my four legged bestie. We’ve been avoiding the news and my work chat groups today as the constant chatter about Covid-19 is driving me up the wall. I know its huge right now, I know its important and scary and impending so much doom on the world but I’m cutting off from all things related for much of the day. Our house hold is high risk so it doesn’t even bare to think of what could happen and for that reason as well as my own sanity I’ll have an up date once a day.

Anyway enough of the doom. we’ve been planning out what we are going to do with the garden. My veg box is now re-constructed to a different height, my first attempted was too tall, we we’ve just shortened it down a bit. We have to line and fill it now. We planted more herb seeds after the propagator blew over again a week and a half a go. I will not give up. I do have a pot luck veg/herb/flower pot so your guess is as good as mine as to what may grown from that beauty.

Delilah was in her element wandering round with a trowel in her hands, digging in mud, getting mucky hands and dirt under her finger nails. I’ve been trying to show her how to peddle on her trike too, she needs a little more practice. Her mantra is ‘I can, I will’ which I am really hoping stays with her for life. Right now just getting her to commit to learning new things, as with all toddlers can be a challenge. The kid never stops moving, shes a right scatter brains.

Today we planted tomatoes, chives, basil, rosemary, thyme and some cress. We’ve ordered some grass seed suitable for our very clay like earth and hope to make good on the lawn after an awful stormy time at the end of winter combined with the dog peeing on it. For the dog we found some Dog Rocks (I am in no way affiliated with pets at home -we use and have bought these ourselves), we love them and seem to really work with our boy dog. I really truly recommend them, it means a lot less pee burns on the lawn.

I marked out the lawn where I’m going to put a cherry tree and placed my box where it’s going to be once its filled up. Delilah and I replanted the garlic (the only surviving thing of our original planting), we’ve planted it along side some parsley. I’m really not sure if they going to make the best bedfellows, but it’s all trial and error in my garden. We will learn, even it is the hard way.

Hubs cleared and and painted his benches in the garage and a couple of days ago we put in a shelving rack up in there. that was a flat pack nightmare. I’m normally a dab hand and throwing up flat pack, i like a little logic workout occasionally. But I’m thinking that this particular package came from another dimension due to the hyper strange instructions. the pictures of the items in the box didn’t even correlate to the actual pieces we had. We got there though. Garage is looking pretty neat now, garden looking better, but certainly not how we want it yet.

I’m now putting daily updates on the new Insta feed, keeping up with Twitter and posting so much more frequently on Facebook now so please do keep up with me on those platforms. I’d be so please to see some interaction from you guys on there. Newest platform is Pinterest for the blog too, but I will to this once I’ve set a couple more boards up. So off I go to get some updates done across the platforms.

Stay safe, stay well and stay as sane as you can.
Love and stuff,
L, xoxo

Mothers Day – At a Distance

As us Brits know, yesterday was Mother’s day. I was woken up by my little dolly and her daddy with a card and presents. They printed some pictures from our wedding and framed them for me. Wedding pictures are another story – but Hubby had picked out some of the semi decent ones to gift me and they do look rather sweet in the little white frames. They also printed one of my late granddad which made me blub, not hard to make me cry but I only lost him last year and it’s been a tough time ever since. So to have a smiling picture of him really is a beautiful thing.

They both made a breakfast of vegan pancakes and strawberries. And they know me well enough not to bring it in the bedroom – urgh crumbs (even the thought of it makes me feel funny – and not in a good way).

Just near to lunch time I took a trip across the village to see my mum – at a distance! I dropped off the gifts I had made, including chocolate brownies, shortbread with fondant messages and a couple of chocolate cupcakes along with a little plant for the garden.

I’m sending warm wishes always especially at this dark time for her. She is self-employed and is currently being battered by social distancing/isolation guidelines. As understanding as we all are, it does mean that her business has drastically changed over the last couple of weeks.


On the theme of positivity it is time to change things up, be innovative and create something new for these different time we are in. It’s a chance to heal and grow in a new direction. As much as change is scary we need to embrace and go with it, otherwise I fear we will not learn anything. Keep your brain working, learn a new skill, brush up on an old hobby, get out the dusty guitar, re-open that book you started to read pre mum days and finish it off. We can all make good of this crisis if we use a little creativity.

I hope that you had the loveliest day you could mumma, and I hope your mum did too. And to my mum, as always; I love you dearly and I really do appreciate everything you are and everything you do.

Love and mummy hugs,
L, xox

The Beauty in Chaos

It’s hard to make sense of anything right now. On a personal level everyone is panicking, wondering how they will survive if they have to go into isolated or if they already have. This virus has a lot to answer for. I for one have had my hours cut dramatically so that the company I work for don’t have to lose any staff and to keep open. And although that impacts me on a financial level I am eternal grateful for the chance to hold on to my job. Luckily I work within the food industry, for a supply company so although my hours have been limited by job is still there.

There is however beauty in the chaos. And it’s the beauty I would like to focus on. Let’s carry forwards the positives!

It is so easy to get caught up in the panic and the mass hysteria of it all, and without taking away from the seriousness of the situation there is so much beauty which lies behind it. Neighbours coming together, support and love from families and friends helping one another. The community are really pulling their weight right now and I truly hope that this will last after the virus has cleared off. NHS Staff, I mean where do we start with you guys? – A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! There are just not enough words in the English language to thank you all for the utterly selfless and awe-inspiring work you do, and that’s all the time but more so in a crisis.

As some of my readers will know I am amidst the toil of recipe testing for my mini side biz, and through this I am offering a cake drop box for a heavily discounted price for my locals. I’ll be doing a contactless drop for this. Work have allowed us to order through them for our shopping so I’ve been able to buy bulk stock for some of my cakes and treats. Keeps me out of trouble and spreads a little sunshine at the same time.

For the moment we are not in isolation and while we are not, we are avoiding unnecessary outings and keeping busy in the house. There’s always plenty to do here. But putting a cake drop box in place is really going to focus my mind – my first stop (once my packaging has arrived) will be a care package for our most local hospital to say thank you and hopefully give back a tiny little bit. If you can, I urge you to give back to your community too. If that’s just checking in with your neighbours or calling up your grandparents to brighten their day, don’t think on it just do it. We can make our worlds a hell of a lot nicer with a tiny bit of kindness.

Stay well, stay safe and wash your hands!

Love and best,

L, xox

A Sore Throat Meant No One Made Eye Contact

The worse thing about the current situation (covid-19) is the on set of mass panic. Its gripping my anxiety no end.

I caught a cold/flu thing from (presuming, but certainly not blaming- it’s cold flu season anyway) my work besties. So that’s three out of five of us that have been poorly in turn, but on my return to work last night when some one mentioned the good old Coronavirus as a tongue in check comment the rest of the room twitched and hawked my ever move. Daring to not even speak to me from a distance. Some wouldnt even look at me in the eyes during work related conversations, not that I spoke much. I felt utterly isolated, and was made to feel like I shouldn’t have bothered coming back to work despite it not being a covid related illness.

I am 1000% not a selfish person, and if I had thought for just a second that I would be putting anyone at risk I would have self isolated. Not only from them but from my husband too. My anxiety is crazy high on his behalf as it is. He is type 1 diabetic which means hes a higher risk category, so as you can appreciate I wouldn’t need to think about isolating myself to keep him safe. It would be a no brainer.

Think of the amount of coffee we’d drink!

The world is in melt down. I shop sometimes after work in our local 24h supermarket, and the sights from my latest early hours visit will haunt me somewhat. It was 12.50 (ish)am just ticking over to Saturday morning and the place was packed out. The shelves were empty for normal shopping goods. I cook alot, so to walk up the tinned food aisle to no tinned tomatoes or a packet of pasta/rice was ridiculous. I thank the goddess that my daughter is out of nappies during the day time and not using formula at all because that aisle was wiped clean. Literally no baby wipes. I’ve seen people posting on social media who are desperately trying to find formula for their dependant babes just to be told “sorry none today” just because its been taken by someone who could afford to buy out the entire shelf. What happens to the people who cant afford to buy 12 tins of formula for their pre-apocalyptic stock up?

The stupid have hit the supermarkets and made the rest of us rethink our stand point. Panic buyers, pantry stockers, doomsday prepp’rs have the logically minded questioning their own thoughts. And I have to admit, I’ve started buying additional items for our store cupboard, where I would normally have just got when I needed. And I feel dumb for doing it.

I’m not worried for myself. I do how ever run a house with a toddler, a diabetic and 4 pets; all of who need feeding, caring for and keeping clean. And this is where my anxiety lays. After all prior preparation prevents a piss poor performance- or so they say. Not entirely sure if this is logically for this situation but panic buyers are pressing on nerves that make it more relevant (at least I think).

I know this a hugely conflict ridden bit of writing, but that’s how my brain is right now. The internal stress and conflict is real. Stuck between logic and the need to be prepared. I am not a natural prepp’er, I am a natural optimist; meaning I can squeeze more into the 5 mins before I leave the house to an important thing than most people can in a week. This eternal optimism is also known as being a last minute Larry, but I genuinely think that even Larry needs to buy 1 or 2 packets of pasta because it’s going to be a long road clearing up the c-19 trash and isolation for all is imminent, just as it has been for other countries too. Time is and will be the only factor in this.

So with the greatest optimism, and a shit ton of love I’m off to find some war time recipes to test out. Could be an up coming post, who knows.

Love, very virtual hugs and not blown, not cheek, not lip kisses, L xoxo

Thoughts of a Secret Garden

I’m dying to start my garden. I’m hoping to plant some veggies this year and get a little bit of a working garden going. The weather has been against us so far, but I’m hopefully to get my veggie bed set up this weekend coming. I did start with some seeds about a month ago, but the wind smashed that up when it threw my put up propagator across the garden even though it was weighed down. My own fault when I underestimated the storm after storm situ. Luckily the garden fence has survived.

I was bought a book for Christmas which I intend to follow to get me started. I’m really hoping that it works and my will power will stick to it. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for an age and now we actually have a garden I can get stuck in to.

Roses from my love

On the flower side, I got two different roses I planted last year in the front garden and a hybrid hydrangea too. The flower bed is only a couple of meters longs, so it’s not too big. I’ll stick to pretty flowers in the front garden. Considering peonies at the front but research is required to get them in the right place. We only get the sun on the front of the house first thing, as it travels over we are lucky enough to have the sunshine flooding the back garden all afternoon. I’d like to grow some lavender tubs to sit by the front door; I’ve always wanted that lush floral smell as you walk in the house, and of course to be lucky enough to dry and use the herb too.

In prep for my vision, Delilah and I have started seed planting. We’ve planted mainly herbs so far, as we need to set up the veg bed. We’d planted Chives, Rosemary, Thyme, Basil, Lavender, a couple of different types of tomatoes, Sunflower seeds and some misc flowers which I’m not sure what they are. Pictures below of what weve planted up so far. Please excuse the flags they need a wash down. But as you can see nothing has happened 2 days since planting, but my already established Parsley is doing pretty well with Delilah’s fairy door sharing the space.

Delilah had so much fun getting dirty hands, drawing on the labels and watering the newly bedded seeds. I really hope that they all work out, but I guess as a novice its al trial and error. In the meantime I’ll have fun with my little explorer getting it right. Hands in the dirt, I’m finding it therapeutic so far. I’m sure this is a trait I’ve collected from my Grandad.

My mind constantly drifts to him these days, and being honest I don’t think I dealt with his death in the slightest. Think I just got on with it. I’m hopeful I can transfer that energy into a garden he would have loved to have sat in with me. Where we could play his favourite music and just enjoy the peace of it all. I’ll be learning as I go knowing that if he’d have been alive he would have been able to give me some pointers. He always had the most beautiful gardens and I was frequently by his side causing chaos in them as a child. I truly miss that man.

Love and dirt covered hands,

L, xox