Friday Fun Day, Saturday, Sunday

Hubs surprised us on Friday by having the day off work and we made the most of it.

We packed up the kids and headed straight for Bolton Abbey. We haven’t been in an age, and absolutely love it there. Delilah hasn’t been since she had just gone one, it was great to see her in the same spot a few years later along with her new baby brother too.

We quickly pre-booked parking for the Riverside carpark online because its pre-book only at the moment. Dumped the car and had lunch at the cafe. Delilah played on the pirate ship playground then we headed off into Strid Woods for a walk. There’s something about being in the woods and near water that’s so grounding. I really just feel like it’s so good for the soul, and if I could choose to live anywhere it would be close to the River Wharf. This stretch of the Yorkshire Dales is honestly my hearts home. It is so calming to me.

An ice cream for us and feed for Euan later we walked the other direction and headed up to the Abbey. Hubs wanted to do the stepping stones and after we explored the Abbey, he and Delilah gave them ago. Less than a minute in, and probably about 2 steps across Delilah got wet and Hubs ended up carrying her across. She is the most uncoordinated little person I’ve ever met; but all in her good spirit she thought it was funny and kicked off any water in daddy’s direction. They did get to the other side only to come back across the bridge so Delilah could feed the ducks with the crusts from the sandwiches we had saved.

Homeward bound, one hungry babe was treated to McDonald’s for tea. She scoffed the lot and then on reaching home way passed her normal bedtime passed out pretty soon after hitting the pillow which for anyone who knows Delilah is not normal. She’s a night owl which causes some bedtime issues occasionally.

Saturday morning brought a cake make for my niece. Well decorating it at least. My niece has an allergy to dairy, so ovbs I can make her a dairy free cake for her cake smash to celebrate her 1st birthday. For what ever the reason the dairy free “buttercream” was not cooperating in the slightest. I had bulges and setting issues all over the joint. No matter how much I smoothes and reset, remover and readjusted this cake was just not doing ad it was told. There was a point I was so worried it wasn’t going to turn out edible let alone photograph-able I text my sis to tell her. Anyway it turned out okay in the end, but by no means perfect. I think it just goes to show if you roll a cake in enough sprinkles really hard you can fix pretty much any issues. So here is wishing little A the happiest 1st birthday. We love you and can’t wait to celebrate with you this weekend coming.

Saturday evening brought movies on the projector after dark. It was just so nice to be sitting in the garden with the air getting cooler; film on, fire pit burning and a glass of wine in hand. Laterally the perfect at home date night even it was crashed by a tiny human who feeds on demand (constantly at the moment).

Sunday was salmon brunch and introducing Delilah to retro games on an emulator via the projector. She adored it. She’s a huge sonic fan, so having her play the game and see her excited little face was so good. She got so involved, jumping up and down and shouting at daddy to “whack it with the sword” when they were playing a fighting game. We only really got it out because we were expecting rain to be honest. It didn’t rain, but we had such a good Sunday we don’t regret a second.

How was your weekend? Do you plan in advance or are you like us and just wing it?

L, xox

Local Hot Spot

Saturday this week was date night. We chose The Chapel House in Low Moor. It’s  like a five second drive from us and we have eaten there once before. The last time we went we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Three courses later, half a stone heavier, I’m sat here with hiccups that I can not get rid of typing up some kind of review. So I apologies now for my (probably) incoherent ramblings. THANK GOODNESS FOR SPELL CHECK!

Obviously arrived 20 mins early as I hate to be late for anything. It was jam packed. A major little hot spot! Drinkers and dinners merging together for a busy Saturday evening. Forgetting it was mothers day we booked very late, but they did manage to squeeze us in. Table for two, at eight o’clock. I have to say after calling another local place earlier today I didn’t hold out much hope, so I was pleasantly surprised to be accepted at our short notice. We stood at the bar and ordered drinks to our tab, and they severed prosecco by the glass (which made a happy Lotty). Drinks are reasonably priced and I would feel entirely comfortable sitting in this place and just having a drink as the pub and restaurant are very well divided.

The food, oh my, the food. Not disappointed in anything, either of us ordered. Well presented and good value for the type of place we were at. And now I can not moved. Pud totally finished me off. So cheers to Saturday,and here is our meal in pictures!!


 Ready to go!


Cheers to date night 🙂


 Starters Ham Hock and Black Pudding Hash (furthest from us) Smoked Haddock Florentine.


 Rob’s Mixed Grill.


 My Slow Cooked Lamb Shank.


 Warm Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream

Rob enjoying pud!!

For three courses and three drinks, we paid around £65.00 (not including tip), so for an alcohol fuelled meal, I would say it was a pretty decent price. The staff and service were also good, friendly and very helpful. Overall 8 out of 10 on the star rating! Well worth a visit if you are our neck of the woods. Hope your Saturday evening has been brilliant too!

I am determined to run this off tomorrow. 10 mile ought to do it!! Hope you’re ready pooch!

Farewell from a very stuffed, and a little less hiccupy Lotty 🙂

L xox