The Home In My Head

We’re so close to having the deposit for our first home it’s driving my creative side a bit scatty. My Pinterest feed is full of home decor and I have build myself a perfect picture in my head about how our home is going to look.

Ideally it’s going to have a gated garden, which undoubtedly will have a drive way and a garage (mans want, I really couldn’t careless about a garage). I’m having a porch too. Finally a place with some hooks for coats and some shoe storage to boot because coats slung on the sofa and shoes by the door is unavoidable in the place we are currently living.

Living room will be simple in colours. I’m thinking mostly white and grey with hints of pink and copper. Pictures from Pinterest (where else?!).

This will need to be an ultra functional room, so I’d be all for a wooden style floor which is easy clean. Great big rug in the centre with a mix of different textured textiles all over including some lush green plants. I adore the more glam copper against the the simple white/grey.

The heart of the home is definitely the kitchen. I cook, every day and every meal if I’m at home. It’s rare that I don’t. I really like the idea of dark coloured cabinets with light colours counter tops. I’d like to carry a theme through the house as well, and at the moment I’m going for the hint of copper.

Copper pipe shelves in this picture (again from Pinterest) are beautiful. I love the idea of having heavy copper bottom cookware lined up on the shelves. Favourite spices on show and living herb pots (herby teacups) on show. Double oven, yes. Gass hobs, yes.

I’m not overly fussed if we end up with a kitchen-dinner or a separate dinning room. Either would be perfectly good in my mind. I’d love a dramatic dinning space, darker colours but carry the copper again. This pallet is perfect (Pinterest pic).

There it is, an insight into the decor of the home in my head. Well at least the first floor. I’ll save the upstairs/bedrooms/bathroom and offices for another post.

What’s your ideal? What palette would you pick?

Xoxo, L.

Sandy Toes

After a leisurely morning we took a trip out to Formby just by Southport.

Man and I went once the year we met, but it’s the first time we’ve been back. It’s such a beautiful place, I’d be happy to live on the door step of Formby. The houses are beautiful, the type that are huge with double garages and a gated driveway. Probably well out of our price range (for the moment). Anyone wants to give us a house there, we wouldn’t say no!

The beach is hidden away by a woods and sand dunes, so it’s a fair walk. With pram and bubs it’s a killer walk, especially in flip flops on the soft sand. Dela wasn’t overly sure of sand when man put her straight in it, but a few moments of sand discovery late she loved it. Touching, patting it, crawling it and putting it in daddy’s shoes.

Our day in pictures

We had a down pour as we walked back to the car. Under the tiniest umbrella we didn’t get too wet, Dela of course was okay under her rainhood on the pram.

Happy, sunny, sandy Sunday.

Xoxo, L

A Flicker of A Sweet Memory

It’s funny what you remember when you miss someone.

My Nana passed away sometime ago, while I was still at university studying (fat lot of good that venture did, but that’s another story). My dad’s mum, my nana was a larger than life character. Mum of boys, larger drinker, lipstick wearer and experimental cook. I knew I got my attitiute for cooking from someone, and I’m so giving my nana some of the credit.

I can’t even tell you what made my mind wonder to her sausages and flying saucer eggs today, but I found myself laughing as I remember dinner times at her flat. It was a smokey affair, she chain smoked when she chatted but because she had the window open as she did it, of course it wasn’t that bad (we would cringe now). Anyway, I digress. She owned a George Forman Grilling Machine. Or, in her words “George Formby Grilling Machine” she loved the thing, and it got used a hell of a lot.

My brother and I were always fussy with what we ate at nanas house, mainly as the older she got the more interesting the combinations became and the more the food tasted like smoke. She was however, a fabulous cook in her hay day. We ended up having chip pan chips, homemade of course or pancakes, finished off with crisps, chocolate and yogurt. All healthy stuff! My dad was subjected to actual real dinner, and this particular night was rather spectacular. I remember her wafting through the living room with dad’s plate in hand before plonking it down on the table. On the blue and white crockery was a breakfast for dinner. A staple of her household and very much enjoyed.

On dad’s plate there was a fried egg (sunnyside up), tomato, beans, bacon and what looked like two burgers. My dad stabbed one the burgers and held it in the air asking what it was. My nana asked him what the hell he was playing at waving that sausage about. We were hysterical, well all apart from my nana who was completely confused about the laughing. Dad asked why it was so flat, so she demonstrated her Formby Grilling skills in the air at the table.

She’d only gone and put butchers style (the really chunky, fat kind) sausages in the grill and squashed it down until the machine cliped shut. She returned to the kitchen to put her own meal together.

In the meantime there was the fried egg. Same meal, same day. Dad struggled to cut the white of the fried egg so picked it up to see what was going on. Turns out this egg had been fried to with an inch of it’s edible life. It stayed perfectly flat as he picked it up. He starts making his idea of UFO noises as the yolk balances on it’s white plate like shelf with a slight yellow wobble. Again, both me and my brother fell about laughing while dad tried to put back on a straight face as nana came to the table with her own dinner.

I still remember the smell of her pressed powder, the shade of her lipstick, her choice in skirts and how she always wore a pinny over them. Her kindness and patience. Her spoiling us and caving to our every request for sweets as children. I remember having to watch the snooker when it was on because she loved it but then she’d let us watch the Simpsons over dinner time and let us sit of the sofa instead of at the table with our food. I miss her, her accidental funny anecdotes and the liverpudlian twang that still remained from her younger years in her voice. The raspy cough and the way she would order herself two halfs of larger instead of a pint just because it wasn’t lady like to order a pint (but it was okay to sit with two drinks).

I miss her – photo from my 18th birthday meal. A day of mixed emotions, I lost a dear friend that exact day.

What sweet memories do you hold of a missed love one? I’d love to hear a story or two.

Xoxo, L

Netflix Top Picks

I am sharing with you my top (so far) picks from Netflix. A different kind of post for me, but I thought I need to keep up the positive and share a few things I’ve enjoyed and continue to enjoy. I am a binge watcher. I can’t help it, I’m either into it or I’m not. It’s an all or nothing kind of relationship, and that’s practically with everything.

1. The Big Bang Theory.

I am huge fan. Spurred on by man’s late dad’s love for it I guess. I watched it all, every single episode (and even paused for pee breaks). I love the relationship between Penny and Sheldon, it’s so real. They have the most amazing friendship group, one to be envious of for sure.

2. The Good Life.

I found it funny, it is pretty tedious in places. The main character is a little relatable, the whole wanting to better herself we can all adhere to on occasion (especially when you’re in that “I needed to change something” mode). I thought the first season was the best, the smart little twist is pretty good.

3. The Crown

A sucker for a royal drama. Matt Smith as Prince Philip is just genius. Even man got hooked on this one. Well written, costume work is amazing and it really makes you see a different side to the woman who rules the land.

4. The Alienist.

Twisted, dark and intricate. Adored each episode, with this said there were a few facts that I thought we’re useless towards the end of the first season. Can’t wait to find out where they go with this in the future. I don’t suppose it’s for the faint of heart, and a nervous disposition should probably leave the room for this one but it is so worth your time.

5. 13 Reasons Why.

Pure love for both seasons. Honest, brutal, truthful and such a talking point. Opening the dialogue of such a bunch poignant topics. Bullying, sexual assault, suicide. Each of which need to be discussed and respected and delt with. It isn’t a one fix fits all for any of these issues and it’s good that it’s been portrayed in this way. Watch this, it’s heart breaking and heart warming.

6. Gossip Girl

Dreamy, escapism. A tale of high society New Yorkers in all their finery and creating drama where ever possible. Loved the finale and finding out who GG actually is. Easy watching and indulgent for those ‘I want to live and write in New York City’ dreams.

7. The Vampire Diaries

Very long! Far too many seasons, but some of the story lines were good. I prefer the after Elena seasons. Loved the characters of Caroline and Damon. Again it was like a day dreamy escape for the most parts until Elena cried and pulled the same face for the majority of the episodes. I’m glad I watched it, and I keep meaning to start The Originals which is a spin off with a few of the characters from Vampire Diaries.

8. Shadow Hunters

All the magical day dreams combined. Vampires, werewolves, witches/warlocks and more. I like this one, it’s mega cheesy but anything from a magical realm is worth a watch in my opinion. Sucker for the magical. I’m afraid that I’m not a huge fan of the main characters, the sub characters however are more interesting which is the reason I’ve continued to watch. If you like any thing mystical, or if you’ve read the books (I haven’t) it’s worth a go.

As you can tell, I’m one for escapism. Fantasy and all things a little bit dreamy. It’s the perfect way to unwind and escape from reality especially when you’ve had one of those days.

What do you watch? What’s on your list? I’d love to know what’s on your watch list.

Xoxo, L.