In Hiding

I hid from the world today.

Anti-social side came out and I actually avoided going out doors. Uncharacteristic at the moment as I go out every day. I am, for sure, on a down day.

I’ve changed up my workouts which was an undoutable win. I was shuffling about on YouTube and found some amazing yoga and HITT workouts that made me sparkle (I don’t sweat, I sparkle). I’ll be picking this up again tomorrow as I really enjoyed it.

However, yoga sequences are kinda difficult when you’ve a child climbing on you. Having to watch a Yoga tutorial from downward facing dog with your media player up high so the baby can’t grab, then having to fend her off when your doing a warrior pose – believe me it’s a workout within a workout. I’m aching regardless, means it’s working though right!

Strange fact of the day, turmeric in porridge (almond Milk, not cow’s) mixed with a little cinnamon and soya yogurt actually tastes half decent. I’m not talking tons of the stuff, just a 1/4 teaspoon in 1/2 cup of oats. Pretty good, and yellow as aposed to any form of pink or purple porridge makes a refreshing change. Turmeric is a fab antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties too, so great to add in to your diet. Who doesn’t love an antioxidant.

I’m going to work on my mood, I really don’t relish the thought of being down.

Xoxo, L

Peppermint Crispy Crunch & Village News

I’m in to preparing snacks at the moment, and following my recipe for energy balls yesterday I gave another couple of recipes the once over this morning. I managed to stock up my freezer and fridge with low cal snacks.

One of our faves at the moment is a peppermint crispy crunch bar. So easy to make and low calorie to boot. I used a loaf tin to make my crispy crunch in, but use what ever is good for you. I’m all about the improv here!

Ingredients (7 serves at 80 cals per serve)

50g Dark Chocoalte (I used 72%)

1 Table Spoon of Coconut Oil

1 Table Spoon of Honey

1 & 1/4 Cups of Puffed Rice

2 Table Spoons of Desiccated Coconut


Melt the coconut oil, chocolate and honey together in a bowl over a simmering pan of water (bain marie).

Mix together the desiccated coconut and puffed rice, then pour over the glossy chocolate combo. Coat all the dry ingredients thoroughly with the chocolate combo. Once mixed, put in to your choice of pan. For this I used a loaf tin lined with cling film with enough over hang to cover the top of the mixture. Press the mix down into the tin till the rice puffs crush slightly, this will ensure that it all sticks together. Set for a few hours in the fridge and cut in to 7 bars/chunks/shapes of your choosing and enjoy with a cuppa.

Thank me later.

In other news, we’ve just had a riot of sirens all around us and an air ambulance over head.

Source’s say that there has been a head on collision close to where we live. I believe it was a police chase with drug dealers. An entire section of road has been taped off. Ambulance, police and fire services are all at the scene attempting to cut a young woman out of a car. I’m hoping that no-one is seriously hurt, especially the victim. There’s another load of victims from what started out as a petty crime in our village. (Picture not my own).

The impact on the families surrounding this incident will be immense. Sending warm and well wishes to anyone involved.

Xoxo, L.


I’m avoiding milk.

Monday is my weighing day, and although I’ve lost inches my weight was the same as last week. I highly doubt that it is the same. I was bloated and have been all day and the only thing I can attribute this to is the hot chocolate I had last night which was made with cow’s milk rather than almond milk. So I’m disregarding cow’s milk from my diet in hope to resolve the issue. I hate being bloated.

The after math of no number shift on the scales was a bad mood. I’m truly behaving. I’m not eating anything processed or high cal, I’m drinking tons of water and herbal tea over anything caffeinated. So bloating can do one. I really don’t there are too many benefits from cows mill anyway. The more I read, the more I think it’s best to kick it to the curb. So here goes.

Under a mountain of washing and a building aneixty (family interferences), Delilah and I survived the day. I’m wishing those teeth of hers make an appearance and stop disrupting my happy go lucky girl. She’s being a right grump. Napping more than normal, off her food but drinking more milk again and just more difficult in general. Come on teeth, where are you?!

Here’s Aro, being a little angel. Daft pup. He is such a gentle soul.

I have to prep some snacks for the rest of the week. My choice is mint choc crunch and energy balls.

Energy Balls

50grams of Oats

50g of shredded coconut

180g of pitted dried dates

Add everything to a food processor and blitz. The mixture will be crumbly but tacky enough to hold together when pressed in to balls. Divide the mix in to 6 balls, one ball is approx 185 cals.


Xoxo, L.

A Whole Lot Better

Feeling a whole lot better today. Well this afternoon at least. Strangely when the clouds came over and we had a dash of rain, that’s when my mood lifted. Delilah was a moody mare all afternoon, so when she fell asleep on my chest my heart melted and I was back to myself again.

We spent a morning at the park with my mum, Em’s, my godmother and my oldest friend’s son. It was great to see them after so long, they’re over from Canada. The kids played in the park while the adults chased after them. Lunch was nice, the cafe there does really lovely salads. Sticking healthy still, and winning at it. Although mum posted a picture on facebook of me pushing Delilah on a swing and I look like a whale. It was such a bad angle. Please get my good side in future mother! I felt I was doing so well until that picture.

Got a load of washing done, and cleared the kitchen clutter. Metaphorically speaking I guess I cleared some mind clutter too.

My plight with the healthy didn’t stop at a lunch time salad either, Man ordered in. A huge pizza and a milkshake too. I resisted and made a tuna pasta bake for one. Which was made with wholemeal pasta, veg, tuna and all in a simple tomato sauce. It was super filling and tasty. I’ll be making that again. Demon dog licking his doggy lips in the background of my dinner snap.

For now I bid thee good day and farewell till the morrow.

Xoxo, L.

A Blury Week

This week feels like it’s been utter chaos. I always try to appreciate the beauty in chaos, but I am so exhausted my radar for beauty in the chaos is running on empty.

Today has been a sort it out day. Or at least an attempt to sort it out. Clear and tidy the kitchen because it looked like a bomb had gone off and the litter trays needed doing too. So I did, I cleared up and tidied, emptied, washed and replaced the kitty litter and started to mop the floor. Steam mop gave up. It’s dead. Luckily I was almost done with the mopping, but come on. Why does my stuff always break when I need it. First the car at the beginning of the week and now the steam mop. Just why?!

I bought some clilit bang. Our house is damp, it’s falling apart and there is mould in the bath room and on the odd window. It’s embarrassing that it’s this way, and I try my utmost to keep it as clean as possible. So when I saw this beauty on sale today I grab some.

I spritzed it on the bathroom tiles and let it sit for 5 mins. Dela was asleep downstairs in her pram lucky because this stuff was toxic. I mean eye wateringly, dizzy spell inducing toxic. In a confined area like a shower cubicle it gave me a headache of migraine proportions. Should come with a warning not only to wear gloves to keep open all Windows while using. On the plus side it has improved the look of some of my tiles, and I intend to use it again on the stubborn bits.

Operation clean and tidy is still in progress.

Meals today have been on fleek. A fibre full smoothie for breakfast, a warm smoothie for lunch and chicken fried rice for dinner with a mint chocolate bubble crunch square for an evening snack.

I’m determined to loose 10lbs this month, so by week that approx 2.5lbs a week. So doable and not crazy. I’m working out and sticking to very healthy fuel food. I’m trying so hard to move more and drink more water.

My aim is to be healthy, feel comfortable and confident in my own body. Overall I need my girl to have a healthy lifestyle from day one. Using food as fuel and not emotional cushioning which plenty of us do. It’s time we raise healthy, strong and fit children who use working out as stress relief and enjoy every second of some form of physical activity. They learn from us. They watch and copy out every move. So that’s how Delilah will learn (here when is helping with the warm smoothie at lunch).

Here’s to a healthy weekend.

Xoxo, L.


20,000 steps. Well that’s topped up my workout from first thing this morning! Winning!

Anyone who read yesterday’s post will know I ordered my shopping online. One item on my list was coconut oil. I’m cooking super healthy and this is the oil I prefer to use. Now I have on the substitutes, meaning if the supermarket doesn’t have what I’ve ordered I will get an alternative.

3 of my items were substituted. Desiccated coconut. Just a swap out for a different brand. Great, okay. Fabulous in fact. At least I got this item. Second was almond milk, I use it in my shakes. Again just a brand swap. So perfectly fine. Coconut oil. Let me reiterate that. Coconut oil. My coconut oil was replaced with CREAMED COCONUT! Just what?!

Can someone please tell me (other than the word coconut) what these products have in common? I have no words. I think a closer item would have been olive oil or any kind of oil. Needless to say I refused this item at the door and will go coconut oil-less until I find some.

Tuesday’s are our out and about days with Dela’s Nana. We took a long walk, a coffee, a play in the park and a mini (healthy) picnic. My neice threw most of her sandwich on the floor because it obvs the best game in the world. Dela fell asleep at lunch time so missed the lot. I’m of the opinion that you shouldn’t wake a sleeping baby, especially for food. She will always eat once she’s woken up, you wake her, she might not nap again and be ratty for the rest of it.

For dinner we used up my pre prep’d courgette and bacon slice. I made some chocolate chip banana bread, and some peanut butter bubble crunch. There’s also a picture of my oats, which were heaven for breaky. If you haven’t tried frozen raspberries yet, go do it now. They’re like little frozen ice pops.

All in all a good day. And no disastrous happening so far, and it’s all most bed time.

Xoxo, L.

A Missed Plan

We missed an afternoon out with man’s brother and sister in law. Due to the weather. We were suppose to be having a day out, but impending rain put a dampener on that plan.

Looking for something to do on a Sunday with two adorable miniatures (under one and one), is difficult when ‘out of season’. So we’ve postponed, and we will look forward to it.

Out of missed plans came meal plans. Every cloud! Man did the shop, and I’ve loaded up on ideas for an all week healthy meal plan with snacks included.

I made Weetabix Balls, Crunch Oat bars and some Honey & Nut Clusters which don’t seem to have turned out so well. I’ve also discovered this evening that my food processor is almost certainly due for the bin. It did not blend frozen bananas very well for my soft serve banana “ice cream”. And I’m not convinced by this version of ice cream, it’s just not ice cream.

Lurve all the exciting healthy food we are trying and I am so getting in that yellow dress. August is my goal.

Dela is enjoying food in all kinds of ways. Thankfully she enjoy a bath time just as much.

Happy Sunday. Have a healthy week lovers.

Xoxo, L.