The Home In My Head

We’re so close to having the deposit for our first home it’s driving my creative side a bit scatty. My Pinterest feed is full of home decor and I have build myself a perfect picture in my head about how our home is going to look.

Ideally it’s going to have a gated garden, which undoubtedly will have a drive way and a garage (mans want, I really couldn’t careless about a garage). I’m having a porch too. Finally a place with some hooks for coats and some shoe storage to boot because coats slung on the sofa and shoes by the door is unavoidable in the place we are currently living.

Living room will be simple in colours. I’m thinking mostly white and grey with hints of pink and copper. Pictures from Pinterest (where else?!).

This will need to be an ultra functional room, so I’d be all for a wooden style floor which is easy clean. Great big rug in the centre with a mix of different textured textiles all over including some lush green plants. I adore the more glam copper against the the simple white/grey.

The heart of the home is definitely the kitchen. I cook, every day and every meal if I’m at home. It’s rare that I don’t. I really like the idea of dark coloured cabinets with light colours counter tops. I’d like to carry a theme through the house as well, and at the moment I’m going for the hint of copper.

Copper pipe shelves in this picture (again from Pinterest) are beautiful. I love the idea of having heavy copper bottom cookware lined up on the shelves. Favourite spices on show and living herb pots (herby teacups) on show. Double oven, yes. Gass hobs, yes.

I’m not overly fussed if we end up with a kitchen-dinner or a separate dinning room. Either would be perfectly good in my mind. I’d love a dramatic dinning space, darker colours but carry the copper again. This pallet is perfect (Pinterest pic).

There it is, an insight into the decor of the home in my head. Well at least the first floor. I’ll save the upstairs/bedrooms/bathroom and offices for another post.

What’s your ideal? What palette would you pick?

Xoxo, L.

The Start of Something

I’ve decided to start a bullet journal.

May is looming and I thought it would be nice to document life in full colour and style. I finally found a dotted note book at paperchase. It’s not an overly girly cover which I love and had plenty of pages for customising.

I’ve made a start on my first page. I feel like I’m a bit late to the game, but I make the rules here so May is a good time to start. I intend to have a full year calendar, a key and a few tracker pages.

I’m a little rusty on all things creative, but apart from an occasional picture on here, I don’t intend to share my doodles to often. It seems to be a better way to take up time that watching the general crap they put on TV at evening and weekends. I may even put in a blog post planner too. I know I am eager to see where this goes. Let my creativity roam and take some form on paper rather than a mulch of colour in my head. Who knows it might end up being good therapy.

Do you journal or bullet journal?

Xoxo, L.

Pen Pals

Once long long a go, I had a pen pal. I’m not sure what made me think of my pen pal this afternoon, but I’ve found myself replaying old memories and she popped up.

Her name was Rachel and she lived in Cornwall. Her grandparents rented their beautiful house out ever year for the holiday season and that’s how we met.

The house was a three bedroom detached with a pool, an edible garden and orchard. I’m pretty sure we spent 4 or 5 summers at this beautiful house. The lady (Jean) and her husband (Ray) were always so welcoming. They looked after us, even though that wasn’t part of the holiday rental agreement. They were the kindest couple. Fun loving and gentle, they helped to fill our home from home with sunshine.

I met Rachel and her brother Mark one day while we were swimming in the pool. Rachel and I were a similar age and her brother Mark was a similar age to my brother. We had a love of nail polish in common and that’s all it took for an eight year-old me to develop a new friendship. We spent 2 weeks of the holidays together for a few years before we decide to write each other. We wrote before becoming too busy for one another. The time between letters got longer and eventually we just stopped writing.

The first ever letter I got from my pen pal was written in different coloured ink. It must have taken an age to write, and I was envious of how her writing looked so perfect to me. My handwriting changed all the time, as a child this was slightly annoying. Even now it’s never the same and it depends on my mood as to how it looks. I attribute this to my mental issues, but I like this. I don’t like to always be the same after all.

I miss writing letters. Taking pride and time in cursive script and double checking all my spellings. I must have wrote and re-wrote my letters a dozen times before I finally sealed an envelope and stuck on a stamp. I miss pretty stationery. I miss the pure art of letter writing and what technology doesn’t give us.

I’m open to a pen pal. It would be great to have a go. Read without judgement and write just the same. There is something so personal about a hand written letter. Raw and beautiful. Fancy having a go? Get to my contact page and email me; we could switch addresses and start putting that cursive to good use.

Xoxo, L.

Day 1 Of Motivating My Own A*se

It is about time I got my backside in gear and got rid of the excess baby weight. Today was day 1 of changing my mindset and hopefully in turn my life style.

I got in a ten minute yoga sequence from Pinterest. I enjoy yoga, but my flexibility isn’t what it used to be. I’ll try keep this up to get my flex back. Maybe mix it up with a different sequence each morning. It’s rather inspiring to find a different workout every so often.

My second workout was through a website/ app I’ve been following. It’s recently come to the UK and I’ve been lucky enough to trial it and be a Motivating Mum. Basically I help promote, by sharing features of the app and the meals I’ve been cooking and workouts I use. This has been great, and I genuinely adore the app and the Facebook community is great, always supporting you. Since January I’ve had a fair few up and downs, so even though I’ve been using the recipes I’ve been inconsistent with my workouts and eating processed food in between, chocolate, cake and all the wrong stuff. So in the process of all this, I’ve lost weight but not as much as I could have.

I digress.

The healthy Mummy App is so good as is their website. There are many options for workouts, but today I did a 30 min legs cicuit workout and after the high jumps and jumping squats my legs were like ‘whoa, didn’t know we could do that’. Then came walking down the stairs. Who knew a home workout could give you jelly legs. I considered going down the stairs on my bum at one point, but struggled through.

Food has been good. No treats, all ‘clean’ food and plenty of water. So day 1 has gone pretty well. Even managed to use up leftover beef for the stir fry tonight along with a ton of veg nearing it’s best. Even made some energy balls which consist of 3 ingredients and are pretty tasty and satisfying for that sweet tooth.

Hoping my will power can do day 2 justice also. I so want to get back in to my yellow dress for Delilah’s first birthday in August.

Happy Monday.

Xoxo, L.

Easter Monday

Starting my sugar detox today. I’m starting out on changing my lifestyle, and I have this idea that writing about it on a daily basis will keep me accountable for my choices.

I’m starting with the goal drinking 2-3 litters a day. Cutting out all processed sugars, and eating more veggies. It’s basically what we all should be doing anyway. I’ve done it in previous years, but ideally want to get back to being myself before my 30th birthday. We are on count down now you see – 6 months to go till the be three-o. There’s that and our date-less, but inevitably impending wedding.

Today was a relatively a good day – apart from the additional dash of Easter choc. It was always going to be a tough day with chocolate in the house from Easter. The plan is to pack it all of with man to work tomorrow – problem solved. Then I’ll get my workouts in and a yoga sesh. It’s just sticking to it. Hence talking about it here. Let’s be accountable.

Today my meals included: a Healthy Mummy Smoothie for breakfast, Spicy Carrot soup for lunch and Chicken Pad Thai for dinner. All very tasty, and will be revisiting each meal, especially the Pad Thai. That’s going on the fake-away list.

Making a list in my journal tonight to crack on with tomorrow including some blogging work and keeping healthy choices. Love a good list. Any excuse to use some sweet stationery here.

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic Easter and recover from over indulgence quickly.

Xox, L.

The Rim of a Black Hole

I feel low. Like I’m about to nose dive of a cliff low.

I’m borderline redundant, funds are low, I haven’t seen some ‘close’ family in over a month and I have no idea what to do next.

I’m stuck because of my work situation. I can’t get another job because officially I’m still in a contract. I understand why this has occured and I’ve tried to stay positive through out it all but the fact of the matter is I’m clinging on to the rim of a black hole. Its not personal, it’s business. In contrast, I don’t even know if getting a part time job is going to be worth it. I don’t want to have to start again from the bottom just because I made the life choice to have a child. I don’t want to earn minimum wage just to pay out the most of it for the child care I would need. What’s the freaking point? They want to get mum’s back working, why make it so bloody hard to do so? Where to go from here?

I’m so torn between writing about other issues. I really want to. It’s my therapy. On the flip side I know it will hurt and possibly alienate certain people further. So what’s a woman to do? I’ve already said my piece once this year and aired concerns. Apparently honesty is sometimes a little bit unappreciated. So silence will win, because how many times should you go ignored?

Gratitude, because I’m clinging so fiercely to positivity that I have to write this. Always remind yourself of the good, because when you stop seeing the good thats when it really goes wrong.

I’m so appreciative for the life I have ended up with. Ten years ago I seriously thought I’d be a crazy cat lady, living alone. The people who have stayed; you’re amazing. I don’t always make it easy for you to be in my life and I will always appreciate you being here. I am thankful for my little one, she’s as sassy and as happy as a baby could possibly be. I am full of gratitude for Man – he needs no explanation other than he’s got my back.

So where now? I guess I will figure it out. Today was a bad day, but tomorrow, well that’s a new one. It’s a shiny new start.

Xox, L.

Plant A Seed and It Will Grow

I was twittering on about getting more into gardening. When I say more, I mean make a start on something insignificantly small. Herbs for my kitchen small. This cracking idea brewed after tidying my small back yard of some rubbish that really needs to be taken to the local tip. I had a grand stiring of ideas after watching some Monty Don on Sunday and decided to get over the fact I’ve not ever successfully grown anything on purpose.

Monday morning roles round and I’m on a mission. I tuck Delilah in her pram. The sun is shining, like really strong shining and not pretending so it’s got me all optimistic. My horlicultural mission was calling.

Now in my head walking to wilko’s was a quick effort, I mean it only takes maybe 15 – 20 mins in the car. The way to Brighouse from Wyke is pretty straight forward and the vista is a lovely one. The journey on the way there was pretty good.

Delilah and I had a pit stop so she could have a bottle. We then ventured into wilko’s to find our seeds. I picked out chives, basil, thyme, parsley and some tomatoes (just to clarify I’m not that dense, I know tomatoes aren’t herbs). I already decided not to buy pots, I’m going to be creative- but that’s tomorrow’s blog. I even picked up 20 litres of compost. At this point I’m winning, even walked up the toy aisle when Delilah was awake. She picked out a yellow tambourine and then we wrestled at the till so the man could scan it. I’ve paid for the lot, stick the compost in the pram basket and the seeds in my bag. Bless her soul, Delilah was shaking her tambourine all the way out of the shop.

Arh the journey home. No one ever talks about the trip home. Yes, this was the more challenging part of our mission. You see, it’s all up hill and with an extra 20lts of compost in tow it’s a hard fucking slog. It was so warm. The sun, the actual sun had stayed out and it was really warm so the coat came off and water stops were a must. Delilah was all good, just sat in her little boss chair being wheeled around shaking her tambourine with all that sass.

1 litre of water and two serious hills later, we made it to my mum’s house because I’d managed to invite myself to crash mum’s mate date with one of her besties. Guess what?! They had arranged to meet for a walk! After the days mission, I felt as though I was going to fall asleep before 7pm. It felt like we’d actually been on some journey to middle earth. These seeds better grow. Tomorrow they get the planting treatment.

They better grow…